Business Driver: Zscaler’s Internet Access Gateway


“Content Control” – The only way to enforce complete control is to block everything and only admit sanctioned URL’s. For business this should be all it takes. Limit access to all social media, secure productivity with social media breaks on guest network, not production network. That’s one scenario.
Value Proposition: Zscaler Secure Internet Access Gateway


Secure the data at a single capture point and lock down every browser, email client and piece of classified data. Apply the same access and controls consistently across the network and the organisation and ensure improved policy enforcement resulting in better outcomes. The requisites for Enterprise grade security are included with Zscaler’s standard and optional value-add features;

Cloud Firewall


Is it time to move your Firewall into the Cloud? Lower ownership costs, boost performance and defeat the “UTM/NGFW” appliance sprawl. Improve management efficiency and reduce security risks.


Secure Web Gateway


Enforce consistent security policy across all users irrespective of location or endpoint. Deliver the highest level of performance with blindingly fast speed by replacing obsolete hub-and-spoke architecture with Zscaler Cloud deployment, customisation and optimisation.

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Zscaler Product Overview


Zscaler have redefined the Cloud Gateway and Next Generation Firewall markets by leading the market with its dedicated Cloud based products. Zscaler extends perimeter protection and policy enforcement to every device and user protecting all stakeholders irrespective of device or location. Zscaler treat gateway security and firewall infrastructure as a service offering, without any capital expense or the in-built obsolescence concerns based around hardware appliances.


The Z-Scaler Platform


Zscaler are leaders in a new security model – Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). Sensitive data often lives outside the safe-borders of the Data Centre and the new paradigm is to provide complete protection of data irrespective of domicile.

ZIA -Zscaler Internet Access Suite


This family of products drives better security and hosts a retinue of complementary features like IPS, DLP, Firewall and a multitude of other management features.


ZPA – Zscaler Private Access


Network-Centric is as relevant as dial-up internet. User requirements have forced the obsolescence upon this type of security model. Market leaders like Zscaler are adopting a zero-trust model that permits seamless access to private applications and renders them invisible to unauthorised users. Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) supports managed and unmanaged endpoints and works well with private applications that aren’t optimised for the web too.


Seamless access to web and endpoints
Segmentation based on application, not the network
Deploy TLS encrypted tunnels and custom PKI for greater resilience
Tightly control exposure to known risks and sanctioned applications
Only connect secured, outbound services negating DDOS issues


A streamlined new approach Zscaler have build their products based upon the technological migration from the physical, network-centric hardware models to a decentralised, adaptable perimeter that accompanies the user. This method has created a new way of securing the company perimeter and reinvented how users interact with the organisation’s IT infrastructure.

Cloud IPS


Intrusion Protection without relentless false-positives


Cloud Sandbox


Another mitigation measure with a virtual sandbox available for heavy-duty isolation, quarantine and stress-testing to validate performance and compliance.


Cloud DLP


Data Leakage Protection all managed from your Z-Scaler console.


Cloud Application Control


Eliminate the scourge of shadow IT gain real-time visibility insight into user and system behaviour from a central management console.


Bandwidth Control


Identify if productive applications are allocated higher-priority for their bandwidth than non-critical applications like YouTube or Facebook.


Total Cloud – Total Control


Direct to Cloud security improves response time and enables security improvements or adds/moves/changes to be initiated from a central management console.


Unlimited Scale


Elastically scale your footprint to meet user requirements and extend protection across the entire ecosystem


Complete Compliance


Compliance with policy is NOT optional, it’s a mandatory requirement if complete access to all resources is needed.


Unrivalled Protection


Zscaler’s Security Cloud offers full in-line packet inspection of encrypted and non-encrypted traffic.


Satisfied Productive Users


Second only to security safeguards, user productivity and ease of use is a high priority to deliver improved security efficiently. Security must enhance, not impede business security.