Attivo Networks BOTsink Deception


Deception and decoys are the latest iteration in security safeguards. Although the concept of the “honeypot”, a trap designed to attract and reveal intruders is not new, Attivo Networks takes the approach to a new level. Attivo’s BOTsink decoys stand ready to attract invaders with traps that lure attackers away from high value targets inside your secured perimeter. When they tamper with the decoy administrators are alerted and can either track and observe the hacker behaviour or instantly lock down points of ingress. Attivo can identify lateral threat movement, AD attacks, attack paths, network visualisation and a plethora of other threats.



Comprehensive protection of Servers, endpoints, application data and databases offer granular threat deflection network wide
Decoys are authentic and accurately emulate attractive security targets
Limitless scalability for Data Centres or other Enterprise environments
Delivers an immediate ROI without customisation, tuning
Endless varieties of customisation for granular analysis and pinpoint targeting