CASB Cloud Access Security Broker

Zscaler Cloud Application Security Broker CASB


Zscaler partners with Proofpoint, Microsoft, Bitglass and McAfee to harness the power of CASB threat intelligence and integrate this knowledge into their global threat intelligence data repository. Armed with some of the best attack telemetry available means that Zscaler can provide proactive, responsive CASB safeguards that protect people, systems and processes from out-of-band attacks.



Enforce greater control on all services and reduce the risks posed by shadow IT
Provided visibility into M2M and other services that have been cloaked from view
Better protection for on-network and off-network users
Native integration with Microsoft and Proofpoint intelligence increases efficiency and responsiveness to threats

Forcepoint Cloud Application Security Broker CASB


Forcepoint’s rich security solution family provides a resilient ecosystem that protects web applications as well as threats from other vectors. Forcepoint’s CASB offering provides either Cloud or inline Proxy versions to meet the requirements of unique computing environments that require offline and online protection. Forcepoint CASB builds upon their individual, people-centric approach to security risk mitigation.



Forcepoint’s CASB fully supports mission critical business applications like Salesforce, NetSuite, Workday, Office 365 and others
Easily integrates with Enterprise directories, SIEM and Mobile Device Management (MDM) for better corporate protection
Reduce false-alerts by integrating invisibly with Forcepoint security siblings
Harness the power of Forcepoint’s legendary threat intelligence network to keep ahead of malicious attackers