Business Driver – Continuum Fortify from Sécurité


Many organisations have a requirement for around-the-clock security monitoring and protection but are inhibited from providing the service themselves because of cost or complexity. One alternative often considered is a comprehensive managed service that provides 24*7*365 monitoring provided through a purpose-built Security Operations Centre (SOC). This provides organisations with access to Enterprise grade security at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself and takes cybersecurity resilience to the next level. One of the challenges to this approach is that organisations have finite resources and many Enterprise services require skilled, dedicated security personnel to interpret, assess and make value judgements based on the reconnaissance gathered from their SOC. Where this fails is with organisations who believe their investment in IT staff is better spent on skills that improve their bottom line. For these environments a service more suited to business analytics makes better sense and can be justified more easily as a risk related mitigation measure and operating overhead.

Value Proposition – Continuum Fortify with Empower from Sécurité


Sécurité Monitoring was until recently a high-cost service more suited to ASX 100 companies and large taxpayer funded public service organisations than SMB’s. With the advent of new providers and greater competition, real-time threat protection is both affordable and practical for organisations with comprehensive or modest in-house IT skills.


Critical to assessing what level of protection your business requires is understanding what threat data loss or security breaches pose to your organisation. What is the value of the data you’re protecting and what level of safeguards are required to maintain an acceptable security posture that aligns with your business needs?


If you can justify the investment then what should you protect?


The easiest way to prioritise is to review every option and make an informed decision based on your assessment.


Consider these options;


24*7 network security monitoring
24*7 endpoint monitoring
24*7 dark web monitoring
Security Audit
Gap Analysis
Security Efficacy