Email Security

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway


Protecting email users from threats is at the core of Mimecast’s business. Secure Email Gateway protects against malware, spam, spear-phishing and zero-day attacks and ensures that sender impersonation is stopped dead in its tracks. Secure Email Gateway’s “Threat Intelligence” Dashboard provides real-time insights into the global threat landscape and enables wily administrators to proactively drive security policy and safeguards.



DNS protection services
Malware, spam and phishing attacks
Origin of email is validated and verified
Multiple detection engines deliver multiple security choke points and reduces false positives
Robust Mimecast ecosystem can be augmented with internal email protection, attachment safeguards and Impersonation defences

Forcepoint Email Protection


Forcepoint’s continued leadership in protecting email delivers unrivalled email security thanks to out-of-the-box features like data leakage protection, image analysis and encryption. Forcepoint provide a rich modular security ecosystem that integrates seamlessly to provide Enterprise class security protection. In addition to advanced spam and phishing protection, Forcepoint provides intuitive management tools and optional security awareness training to harden digital and human assets.



Advanced email threat protection combines sandboxing, machine learning and predictive analysis to mitigate threats
Powerful encryption bolsters email security for sensitive communications
Flexible deployment options in either the physical or virtual world
Integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Office 365 compatible