Business Driver: Webroot’s Threat Intelligence and SecureAnywhere


In spite of all the hype and decades of combat, endpoints still pose a grave threat to maintaining a secure business environment. Endpoints (PC’s, tablets, laptops and mobiles) need constant protection from evolving threats that originate in the ether. One of the most important differentiators that management must consider is how security reconnaissance improves their security posture. The term used by infosec professionals is “threat intelligence” – information gathered in real-time that alerts stakeholders to new threats and concurrently automates the implementation of new safeguards to repel attacks. Modern cybersecurity is dynamic and must be proactive to keep ahead of the threats posed by internet-based attackers.

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Value Proposition: Webroot’s SecureAnywhere powered by Brightcloud Threat Intelligence


Knowledge and intelligence drive better security outcomes. Webroot’s threat intelligence underpins security products provided by luminaries like Cisco Systems, Airlock, Attivo and Opentext. The benefit customers realise is instant web classification and reputation, file reputation and real-time streaming of malware threats. The identical resources that high-profile vendors integrate to power their technology solutions.


Webroot SecureAnywhere for Business Product Overview


SecureAnywhere doesn’t try to be all things for all customers by bundling features with limited value. SecureAnywhere is focussed on the most important functions SMB’s and Enterprise users need to enhance their security posture and help achieve overarching business continuity goals.


Endpoint Protection;


Comprehensive malware, virus, trojans, phishing and ransomware protection
Zero Day and cryptojacking hijacks in addition to behavioural and anomaly analysis
User identity and DNS poisoning protection
Intelligent firewalling functionality with Whitelisting and Blacklisting
Centralised management and granular reporting


DNS Protection;


Lock down DNS against compromise and attack
Enforce policy and gain visibility into user web behaviour
Centralised management and granular reporting


Security Awareness Training;


Prevent or reduce the risk of user error
Understand why security is vital and grasp the implications of PCI, privacy laws and breach disclosure


Business Continuity for Office 365;


Automate backups and centrally manage
Create detailed policy controls
Easy restore for complete protection and peace-of-mind
Proven and highly regarded Carbonite Black archiving solution