Mobile / EDR



As productivity has increased for the ready availability of mobile security so too has the surface area that security practitioners must defend. The risk of security breach or data loss increases as more devices can gain access to company resources at any time. Zimperium’s mobile security safeguards mitigate this increased risk and build greater resilience and protection into accessing sensitive company resources.



Protecting the estimated 60% of endpoints now used to access corporate assets
Enterprise class architecture designed for environments that demand unlimited scalability and uncompromising security safeguards
Easy integration with SIEM’s like Splunk for improved management and security efficacy
Designed for Android and IOS mobile endpoints



Webroot’s endpoint protection solutions harness the power of contextual threat intelligence that reduces the risk of infection and security breach. Malware, Ransomware and particularly Phishing attacks still pose a grave threat to business security because they are still effective measures that breach safeguards in spite of years of concerted security training and awareness campaigns. Webroot targets the basics required to build resilient endpoints that maximise ROI.



Easily installed on endpoints in under 30 seconds
Enhance the firewall and other safeguards provided by Microsoft with their Windows OS
Central management with the added benefit of customised whitelist and blacklist controls for improved policy enforcement
Webroot’s identity shield guards against key logging, cookie scraping and DNS poisoning



Malwarebyte’s Endpoint Protection is an all-in-one detection and remediation application that acts proactively to thwart attack and use predictive analysis to reduce threats. This complements the behavioural blocking that helps prevent infection based on actions and hostility analysis. Endpoint Protection is scalable, elevates security team involvement to assist productivity and provides the management tools to efficiently manage threats quickly and efficiently.



Hardens devices and applications in readiness to deal with threats of all types
Proactive threat intelligence prevents end-users from reaching risky websites
Linking Engine tracks file installation and modification offering unrivalled protection
Threat intelligence can be harnessed to protect and model theoretical infection impact for management analysis



Sophos Endpoint Protection incorporates features usually only seen as costly enhancements from competition. Web controls are enforced online or offline and Data Leakage Protection (DLP) comes standard with the product. To extend safeguards even further applications can be controlled and blocked with an administrative keystroke, eliminating unsanctioned applications from operating within the Enterprise environment.



Granular control over peripheral devices and removable media
Lightning fast performance with lightweight agents improves attack responsiveness
Web filtering enforces policy and reduces risk
Choose either Cloud or Terrestrial management tools that best meet business requirements



Crowdstrike’s Falcon Prevent Next Generation (NGAV) solution endpoint protection reinvents the traditional model. The Falcon family incorporates threat intelligence into every stratum of the solution and links with the vendor’s real-time global reconnaissance network to offer peerless threat detection. Crowdstrike also embed “smarts” into their endpoints that takes the products to the next level of security and threat mitigation.



Complete offline and online protection
Supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Windows and Microsoft Server for complete protection
Cloud Native ensures complete compatibility with a broad endpoint array
Signatureless protection and SaaS solution delivery