Business Driver – Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager


There is often a significant gap between when an application vendor discovers a vulnerability requiring remedial patching and when the patch is finally shipped. For Enterprise, this poses a real threat that potentially leaves sensitive information unprotected. If your organisation has a plethora of vendors and applications, patch management may pose a serious threat if your administrator’s, tools and resources can’t keep pace with plugging and patching vulnerabilities.

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Value Proposition: Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager


Flexera’s Software Vulnerability Management application plugs the gap between when a third-party vendor announces and discloses a vulnerability and when a remedial security patch is released. In busy production environments even the most rigorous patching disciplines can occasionally overlook installing the latest patch. To counter that process failure, busy IT professionals depend on “automation” or automated processes to make sure preventable oversight or omission prevents patching failures.


Failure to patch still represents one of the most avoidable security risks posed to an organisation’s security posture
Prioritise patching based on business need and pre-determined parameters
Increase patching efficacy and reduce costs
Measure and validate ROI patching and build better business cases
Couple assessment with remediation to improve security and streamline both processes

Product Overview: Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager


Software Vulnerability Manager automates patching across the enterprise by identifying vulnerabilities and prioritising remediation for those that pose the greatest threat to security.


Control patch management proactively
Increase speed to securely patch vulnerabilities
Improve the ROI on patching
Integrate with Microsoft’s WSUS and SCCM for tighter management and greater responsiveness and control
Harness the power of Secunia Researches’ awareness advisories that guide more informed decision making
Specialised services to seamlessly automate patching with proprietary application patching
Detailed reporting for compliance and studying trends and threat variables
Smart group enables systems, applications or any pre-defined patching variable to be applied across the Enterprise for greater efficiency and improved staff productivity

Software Vulnerability Manager: Vendor Patch Module


Flexera SVM’s approach to vulnerability management is to identify the software applications you host, register what’s vulnerable and understand how much of a threat these risks pose for your organisation. SVM’s Vendor Patch Module enables staff to rapidly leverage Flexera’s repository of third-party patch data and improve overall security.


Respond more quickly to patching threats by leveraging a comprehensive repository of third-party patch data
Discover which unpatched product vulnerabilities pose the gravest risk of being exploited
Save time creating patches to update software in your environment