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Business Driver: Silver Peak: Next Generation SD WAN


As the business environment continues to become more dependent on the Cloud, internet e-commerce, web-based resources and greater reliance on collaboration, demands on the Wide-Area-Network (WAN) creates increasing strain. With increased external traffic flows network performance can suffer, degrading the user experience and adversely affecting staff productivity. Over time, solutions have been formulated to remedy this issue, most notably increasing the size of an organisation’s bandwidth or digital pipe. This is a fine stop-gap measure but demand continues to increase and the problem resurfaces as soon as the network becomes saturated. The bigger pipe is not optimising traffic to increase network efficiency. Another legacy solution used is Quality of Service or QoS that prioritises network traffic based upon its importance. Unfortunately, finite resources can be misallocated or over-allocated creating performance issues, particularly packet loss. The most common approach taken in Enterprise is to deploy an SD-WAN that enhances QoS, adds more security, improves application performance and builds greater resilience into WAN infrastructure. For Cloud-centric environments’ that depend on SaaS like, Office365 or a multitude of Cloud based applications this improvement in productivity provides the business justification to invest in SD-WAN.


Mitigate business risk
Reduce operating budgets
Increase productivity and distributed application efficiency
Lower total ownership costs (TCO)
Reduce the risk of unplanned outages that could adversely affect revenues and reputation
Increase business agility

Value Proposition: Silver Peak SD-WAN


SD-WAN solves Wide-Area-Network related performance issues and improves the ROI and efficiency of an organisation’s network investment. Another key differentiator is SD-WAN’s high-availability architecture that effectively pools resources and seamlessly transfers data based on QOS and priority by virtualising existing IP routing, MPLS, 4G/LTE infrastructure to meet the business requirement.


Improve WAN performance and efficiency, increasing staff productivity
Reduce WAN ownership costs – estimates are between 50% to 90% depending upon business applications and geographic constraints
Simplify WAN architecture, management and improve uptime
Improve security by optimising networks to inhibit security threats at all points of ingress and egress
Build a more resilient WAN infrastructure optimised for business continuity


Silver Peak SD – WAN Overview


Market leading vendor Silver Peak builds solutions that target business productivity and operational efficiency. Listed in Gartner’s magic quadrant as a “Leader”, Silver Peak develops hardware and software that target organisations who value productivity, flexibility and agility to deliver the most cost-effective WAN Edge Infrastructure solution for Enterprise. Silver Peak’s product range offers physical and virtual technology that ensure the highest levels of performance and security that drives bottom line results.


nity EdgeConnect


High performance physical or virtual appliances consistent, predictable performance levels that guarantee the delivery of audio, video and data performance across the software defined WAN.


Network traffic automation unites business need with network priority transforming network operations from technology driven to business focussed
Real-time application of QOS and policy enforcement and constraints
Adaptive learning reduces WAN brownouts and enhances application performance
Proactive error correction, tunnel bonding for performance and protocol acceleration drives performance and network agility
Real-Time monitoring helps administrators reduce the risk of outages, identify and classify application traffic and adapt rapidly to the changes of a dynamic Cloud ecosystem
Simplify network architecture and management a single pane vista, centralised orchestration, flexible and rapid deployment and open API’s for maximum agility
Seamless integration with Silver Peak security partners including Check Point, Forcepoint, McAfee, Opaq Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Symantec and Zscaler


Unity Orchestrator


An intuitive management platform that enables administrators to centrally deploy policies, QoS parameters and monitor performance from a single pane. Unity Orchestrator also simplifies “service chaining” improving application performance and lowering latency.


Streamline and optimise operations
Simplify change management and minimise erroneous configurations that slash the resources for network troubleshooting
Enforce consistent policies across the network


Unity Boost WAN Optimisation On-Demand


Unity Boost lets organisations improve performance dynamically irrespective of physical location. Optional optimisation software accelerates the performance of latency sensitive applications on-the-fly, improving the user experience and response times.


TCP and protocol acceleration to dynamically boost performance
Data compression and real-time de-duplication to free up bandwidth and reduce WAN performance bottlenecks
Focus on business and let Unity Boost help administrator’s mitigate network latency, reduce backup windows, lower licensing and management costs and offer complete visibility into network operations


Deliver a Better Network ROI with Silver Peak’s Single Unified SD-WAN Platform


Reduce Cloud costs and improve certified performance with instances of Azure, AWS, Google and Oracle
Maximise bandwidth to migrate data to the Cloud rapidly and scale without limit as needed


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