Imperva Database Encryption


Imperva’s Data Security solution suite offers unrivalled protection to corporate database assets. Imperva Data Activity Monitoring (DAM) tracks enforcement and compliance policy across relational databases (SQL) including Mainframes, big data platforms, data warehouses and Enterprise file repositories. DAM links with Imperva’s Data Risk Analytics which creates a contextual baseline to set healthy parameters and identify unusual activity. Monitoring can be undertaken via a range of tailored methods that fit different computing and environmental constraints.



Comply with encryption standards that meet PCI DSS cardholder protection standards
Protects database and extends to Azure SQL, Amazon RDS and Mainframe files
Flexible deployment offers lightweight agents and can be customised to flag unauthorised access attempts
Complete database protection irrespective of file location
Integrates with Splunk, Arcsight and Cyberark for better management oversight where needed

Thales SafeNet Encryption


If uncompromising data protection is required, Thales- SafeNet is able to offer Enterprise or Defence standard encryption solutions for data in motion or at rest. Their products range from application layer encryption and key management right through to Hardware Security Modules (HSM)’s for high-level encryption on-the-fly. One of Thales-SafeNet’s differentiators is their broad range of key management technology that locks down data security in even the most demanding sensitive environments.



Complete RSA migration strategies
Enterprise class encryption for Hadoop, Mongo DB and Big-Data related environments
Ethernet encryption for Layer-2 and Fibre Optic communications
Solutions boast ultra-low latency for minimal network performance degradation