Business Driver: Imperva’s Web Application Firewall WAF

Applying consistent security policy across the entire Enterprise has been a challenge for all organisations. As web applications like Salesforce and Atlassian make greater inroads into business our dependence moves from best-effort to mission critical. It’s the same for daily operations with vendors like Microsoft providing incentives to migrate completely from individual device computing to their Office 365 suite in their Azure Cloud. As the transition from terrestrial to Cloud hosting continues unabated, management must review their risk profiles and identify when investing in WAF technology moves from being an option to becoming a mandatory requirement.

Value Proposition: Imperva Web Application Firewall

Imperva have been innovating WAF technology for over a decade and are recognised as a leader in the field. It’s Imperva’s innovative approach that has defined and driven market growth and kept web threats at bay thanks to their technological dominion. Imperva’s solutions can meet the needs of all enterprise ecosystems and granular reporting options provide a single source of truth for oversight or mandated compliance like PCI or HIPAA. Integration with existing SIEM investments is seamless and Imperva works closely with the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) to help guide the overall direction and efficacy of WAF technology.

Imperva Web Application Firewall Overview


Whether it’s on-premises or in the Cloud, Imperva’s WAF is adaptable and flexible enough to meet even the needs of the most demanding environments. Imperva’s WAF comes in two versions: Cloud WAF and WAF Gateway for data centre and corporate requirements.


Both the Cloud and hardware versions offer key features that bolster web security:


Out of the box deployment means little setup and configuration is needed to provide instant protection
Automatic OWASP threat protection
Customisable to configure threat protection that aligns with threats unique to your business landscape or applications
Advanced machine learning identifies, profiles and blocks illegal traffic
DDOS protection boasts industry best performance with 3-second SLA
Deploy WAF on premises or in Azure or AWS as a Cloud service
Extensive validation provides qualified insights into attacks and permits targeted threat mitigation processes
Granular reporting to meet PCI or other compliance oversight
Simple integration with Splunk and ArcSight and other leading SIEM’s