Business Driver: CrowdStrike FalconCloud

Endpoint protection is a mandatory requirement for every technology user. In spite of the market maturity, big strides are being made in the most fundamental mitigation measure: endpoints. Sophistication and proactive reconnaissance have helped to drive constant product improvement. This ensures the bad guys are kept in check, at least for a pause until the next attack takes place. Hackers and malicious players are relentless and eternal vigilance using the best tools and resources available is the only defence.

Value Proposition – CrowdStrike FalconCloud

Newer approaches to age old problems pose risks and opportunities. You can bank on the tried and tested method or you can take a chance on a product that represents a quantum leap in performance and fitness for purpose. CloudStrike is “Cloud Native” and was built entirely with Cloud infrastructure. It also uses “threat intelligence” to respond and manage risks more responsively and lock-down threats instantly as they are detected.


Subscription offers zero-time to value and guarantees a rapid ROI
A range of services to meet varying threat levels are available
Scale to the level of protection that matches your industry risk profile
Begin with entry level products like “Cybersecurity for Small Business” and scale as business requirements expand or transform

CrowdStrike’s FalconCloud Product Overview

CrowdStrike’s FalconCloud cybersecurity solution is the next generation of endpoint protection that reinvents Cloud architecture to thwart attackers and help solve ongoing infosec challenges. CrowdStrike continues to garner accolades from users and pundits as an innovative market leader who has the ability to consistently execute against plan. Since 2017, CrowdStrike has been gaining converts to their cutting-edge approach to improving endpoint security as well as capturing pundit approval at their go-to-market strategy. The CrowdStrike advantage comes from their global threat intelligence that enables administrators to take a more proactive stance in hardening their infrastructure.


Key features in the premium version include:

Intelligent automation investigates and remediates all threats in minutes
Custom indicators provide visual feedback on the extent of any compromise
Proficient, highly trained analysts curate the data and ensure that machine learning coupled with human oversight bolster security safeguards
Understand your attacker and respond accordingly with Falcon X Threat Intelligence
Industry leading “Falcon Sandbox” for granular analysis
Proactive Malware and Threat Analysis enables administrators to create more resilient security stacks
Cloud Based removes the risk of obsolescence or vendor lock-in