Application Whitelisting

Airlock Digital


Airlock Digital Whitelisting is built to scale with ease in Enterprise class environments or is equally at home within SMB ecosystems. The solution can be rapidly deployed, is easily integrated into existing infrastructure and helps organisations become more secure by enforcing controls across all files and applications across the organisation and digital assets. Whitelisting helps achieve compliance with PCI-DSS and HIPAA standards and is a security safeguard recommended by the ADSD and NIST.


Essential 8



Easily create and manage secure whitelists and proactively prevent malicious code from executing
Deploy with ease and seamlessly integrate Airlock within your existing operating systems and applications
Centralised visibility into the origin of files across the organisation, when it was deployed and how it was executed
Track network communications between the file and Domains and IP addresses to forensically understand how the file behaves
Lightweight 7Mb agent is easily installed and offers little impact on endpoint performance