Airlock Digital

Business Driver: Airlock Digital Whitelisting

In spite of years of adversarial security challenges, Cybersecurity is still in a constant state of flux. Ransomware and a multitude of malicious attack vectors keep organisations constantly on their toes, trying to locate that magic security bullet that many vendor’s claim their product fulfills. The reality is that information security is at its most effective when a layered approach is applied that address risks with the most effective products or solutions. Application Whitelisting is one such approach that prevents malicious code executing without pre-approval. Put simply, white-listing prevents bad software from operating unless the organisation’s IT administrator’s give it the all-clear.

Overview – Airlock Whitelisting

Prevent Malicious Software from running on your IT systems Airlock provides another layer of security across your IT infrastructure by preventing unauthorised “code” (software or applications) from functioning unless they have been pre-approved by the IT Department. Pre-approval ensures that only sanctioned files can be deployed within IT systems and gives IT administrators greater control over their environment, further reducing the risk of malware, viral infection or ransomware hijacking.


Reduce business risk
Exercise greater control over the entire technology chain
Complement “black-listing” tools like anti-malware and anti-virus software
Proactive security initiatives provide greater overall protection
Improve security posture

Airlock Digital Application Whitelisting: Value Proposition

Airlock provides centralised visibility across all files within the confines of your secured IT environment. Airlock enables IT administrators to forensically understand when a file entered the environment, its origin and behaviour when executed. Airlock tracks all network communication created by files and searches for the domain or IP address that initiated the communication.


Gain visibility and insights into behaviour within the IT environment
Track network IP change reports
Log attack attempts and review granular threat reports
Log application upgrades
Track remote control detection
Monitor application usage
Monitor license usage for security and auditing needs
Identify injection detection attempts
Monitor application install / uninstall behaviour
Track threats in real-time with email alerts and historical reporting
Track threats in real-time with email alerts and historical reporting
Defeat Ransomware, Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Rootkits, Spyware and Adware
Disable unsanctioned applications freeing up resources and bandwidth
Discover assets and lock down inappropriate or illegal software