Security Information Event Management SIEM

Splunk Security Incident Event Management SIEM


Enterprise IT Operations provide a rich source of actionable intelligence that drives analytics fuelled Security Incident Event Management (SIEM). With a rich data repository to draw upon, Splunk SIEM delivers proven results, a measurable payback period and provides the resources needed to identify, manage, prioritise and mitigate security risks. For organisations with tight budgets Splunk’s operations and security functions can be more easily amortised across the entire operating IT budget.



Increase responsiveness and reduce time to detection for malicious incidents
Automate actions and workflows to drive better security outcomes
Integrate security intelligence with operational IT skills to amortise costs over a greater surface area
Harness the power of your internal resources to build a security platform that reduces and mitigates security risks

AlienVault Security Incident Event Management SIEM


AlienVault USM Anywhere drives operational security readiness by unifying the monitoring of physical and virtual devices into a central platform that helps operational staff quickly assess and draw reasoned conclusions from mountains of raw data. By prioritising and filtering alerts and eliminating spurious data from analysis, more accurate insights can be drawn from the raw data and demonstrable business cases created. Discover and analyse assets within the network perimeter or those located in Azure, AWS or in mobile endpoints.



Collect, analyse and harden corporate surface area to improve security readiness
Correlate events and orchestrate a pre-planned response to respond to threats quickly and efficiently
Monitor and assess user and asset configurations, assess Cloud infrastructure and keep a close watch on Dark Web interactions
Build reports and dashboards that aid communication and assist operational personnel maximise their productivity