Security Awareness Training

Mimecast Ataata Security Awareness Training


Mimecast’s Ataata helps raise the awareness of risks posed from the Internet. Human error is still playing a significant part in lowering overall security and it’s important that staff are aware of the potential risks posed by phishing, ransomware and a plethora of other security exploits and vulnerabilities.



ease the resilience of your employees against cybersecurity threats
Train employees and test their security awareness
Slash the rate of security breaches attributable to human error
Change security culture from reactive to proactive and aware

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training


Transform your employees from cyber-victims into security-warriors who can protect digital assets from attack, compromise or breach. Provide the resources and training that enables staff to competently deal with prospective threats and be cognisant of the risks posed by email, websites and unsanctioned file transfers.



Improve staff’s ability to prevent security threats
Set a corporate standard that enables benchmarking and comparable assessment
Reduce phishing attacks by up to 90%
Track human risk readiness independently

Webroot Security Awareness Training


If your business is reliant upon accreditation to meet compliance standards? Ensure your staff are ready to meet any security contingency by providing comprehensive awareness training that lowers the risk of breach or compromise.



Simulated attacks enable employees to respond to real-world scenarios
Benchmark employee awareness against an independent standard
Customise and track results across a division, role or the entire organisation
Meet compliance standards that mitigates risks posed by privacy breaches or PCI accreditation