Cisco Systems SD-Wan


Cisco Systems have been building mission critical network infrastructure for decades. Cisco’s SD-Wan bolts seamlessly into existing Cisco infrastructure and management tools and delivers a rapid ROI while also reducing operating costs. Cisco’s SD-Wan boasts sophisticated analytics, practical forecasting and can parse operating data into meaningful reports for the C-Suite. Because SD-WAN policies are policy aware, policy enforcement burdens are eased and can be updated on the fly lowering management overheads and operating complexity.



Centralised Cloud management provides high-visibility into operations and enables granular performance optimisation
Optimise security with integrated firewall, IPS, URL filtering and DNS layer policy enforcement
Extend WAN to Azure and AWS and concurrently optimise workflows
Provides the foundation for higher availability infrastructure that increases overall business continuity goals

Forcepoint SD Wan


Traditional MPLS network infrastructure was complex and costly to install, manage and maintain over the life of their onerous contracts. That all changed with SD-WAN, a flexible and adaptable method to reduce costs, increase productivity and simple way to bolster business continuity objectives. SD-Wan’s enable additional security choke points to be deployed that helps harden the entire business process chain and lower risk while helping to mitigate security risks.



Near limitless scalability enables administrators to control up to 1000 SD-WAN PoP’s from a central management console
Accelerate and optimise application performance across the Enterprise
Build more resilience into network infrastructure that enhances business availability and lowers business risk
Embed additional layers of security within SD-WAN framework

Silver Peak SD-Wan


The Cloud has transformed business processes from computing-centric to people-centric. Staff have access to resources from any device at any time. Optimising how staff access resources and maintain uptime has never been easier or more affordable thanks to SD-Wan solutions. Silver Peak are a leading innovator in the field and provide high-performance solutions that drive business efficiency, staff productivity and can be delivered at an affordable price/performance ratio. Silver peak lead the market integrating new functionality into their solutions and driving better network security outcomes with their unwavering commitment to research and development.



Maximise the ROI on bandwidth overheads
Create the environment for increased employee productivity from improved network efficiency
Provide the management tools to reduce ownership costs while also ramping up security readiness
Replace outmoded technology-centric ecosystems with a prioritised, people-first approach to service delivery
Build resilient, High-Availability environments that reduce risk and increase uptime