Business Driver: Forcepoint Security Solutions


Many organisations prefer a single vendor solution that integrates multiple point solutions under a single, security focussed provider. This guarantees that all of your security requirements and support needs are consolidated under one vendor layer and that disparate pieces of security safeguards are integrated seamlessly. The benefits include lower cost of ownership, easier management and reduced staff training and support costs.


Simpler management – complexity is the enemy of information security
Reduced ownership costs
Multiple choke points to limit the potential for breach or exploitation
Modular – add and remove safeguards dynamically
Modular – add and remove safeguards dynamically
Improved risk mitigation and overall security posture


Value Proposition: Forcepoint – a Raytheon Company


Forcepoint and Raytheon offer decades of expertise protecting digital assets from malignant enemies with nefarious intent. The expertise and ability the organisation makes to maintain investment in their security solutions ensures their clients have multiple points of protection.


Drive down operating costs
R Single vendor – one point of accountability
Defence and Enterprise grade solutions and products
Market leading solutions ensures skills are widely available


Forcepoint Product Overview


Forcepoint offer product streams that protect essential, mission critical business operations and help organisations mitigate cybersecurity risk.


Forcepoint provides products and solutions that address risks posed by numerous threat vectors;


CASB Cloud Access Brokers


Comprehensive security that securely protects Cloud Hosted Applications


Email Security


Protecting mission critical communications from all types of threats and premeditated attacks


Web Security


Ubiquitous Web protection for employees and stakeholder irrespective of device or location


Web and URL Filtering


Built upon the foundation of Websense, Forcepoint’s Web and URL filtering have been market leaders for two decades. In a single day Forcepoint collects and analyses 5 billion incidents from 155 countries


Network Security


The most secure environments are those that provide greater visibility in people, processes and network traffic (packet level) across people, machines, data centres, branch offices and Cloud platforms.


Next Generation Firewall NGFW


Forcepoint’s NGFW combines business functionality with lower management costs by integrating SD-WAN with secure protocols Intrusion Protection Service (IPS) and VPN all into a single unit that’s easily managed by administrative staff using a “single management plane”. In the best-case scenario this can provide cost of ownership savings of up to 50% over the life of the Forcepoint NGFW. Because the management interface is intuitive, management is easier and risks from human error are reduced. Even better for distributed environments, SD-WAN management and optimisation is included within the management application reducing costs and improving productivity. ”. Built upon legendary “Sidewinder” firewall technology, Forcepoint provides 360 degree visibility into network behaviour and seamless integration with Microsoft Azure, AWS and VMware environments


High-Availability clustering available for mission-critical environments
Zero downtime upgrades to policy and software/firmware
Network Clustering for HA network Infrastructure
Active-Active Clustering for Enterprise gateways
Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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