Security Orchestration Automation and Response SOAR

Swimlane Security Orchestration Automation and Response SOAR


Swimlane SOAR assists administrators make better use of their time by automating repetitive tasks and helps to make sense of the torrents of security alerts sent from control and choke-points across the corporate ecosystem. By combining data consolidation, analytics, case management and security automation, Swimlane SOAR empowers administrators to focus on the big picture, spend more time on granular analysis and proactively address and shortfalls or security gaps that may pose a business risk.



Consolidate internal and external to improve security-in-depth objectives
Devote more time to SecOps and creating a more resilient and durable security posture
Contextualise disparate data and diagnose issues and challenges proactively
Provide management with an independently acquired single point of truth to better explain challenges and identify ways to increase ROI and improve process efficacy

Splunk Phantom Security Orchestration Automation and Response SOAR


Splunk’s SOAR platform, Phantom, applies tried and tested case management and collaboration tools to build a durable, adaptable security orchestration platform. Relying on data-driven intelligence to drive better security outcomes, Phantom seamlessly bolts onto Splunk for Enterprise, enabling rapid ROI and lowering TCO with minimal training or integration costs. Splunk’s SOAR platform also helps IT administrators build business cases to support and justify security upgrades and improvements to controls and safeguards.



Automate repetitive tasks to ensure a more resilient security posture
Benefit from faster responsiveness and increased resilience with more rapid task execution and pre-planned playbooks
Derive better outcomes by using the vast array of Splunk tools and API’s to maximise uptime and ROI
Free up highly remunerated security employees to focus solely on high-level analysis and mitigation tasks