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Business Driver: Palo Alto Networks NGFW


Firewall’s are a mandatory requirement for business to protect against attack through your communications gateway. In the Enterprise, they’re indispensable to protect your network to the World but also internal Firewalls that segment and layer sensitive data from within the network. The “firewall” is either physical, virtual or cloud bound -the best fit for each business with customisation also means firewalls can be set for maximum hardness against common or known threats. As a Firewall also serves as the main communications gateway, management can exert greater control over enforcement of computer usage policy. It also maintains better security policy enforcement across the sanctioned environment. One other key driver is network uptime. Outages must be planned for with weaknesses quickly identified and fixed. Software and Application Patching should be audited as well, in addition, data classification and archiving are critical risks for compliance or privacy enforcement.


Value Proposition: Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewall – NGFW


At the core of every secure environment is a pair of high-end security devices configured in failover High Availability for mission-critical performance. The more problems you can solve at the Firewall or using DNS the better. NGFW solves a multitude of issues by keeping enemies at bay and offering customisable filtering features to integrate with applications and offer seamless integration. Application management and reporting is integrated and intuitive, providing a rapid ROI and lower TCO because of reduced training overheads. Palo Alto Network’s Unit 42 Threat Intelligence organisation gathers and analyses data providing some of the best security reconnaissance available globally.

All of these critical business services can be managed with Palo Alto hardware and virtual platforms:


Threat Protection – IPS and C2
URL Filtering
Wildfire Malware Prevention
DNS Security Services
Secured DNS Services
Mobile User Technology
Reconnaissance and Resilience
Zero Trust
User Identity
Application Safety and Controls
Network Traffic Encryption
Shared Threat Intelligence

Product Family Overview – Palo Alto NGFW

Palo Alto are market leaders in resilient, high-availability network security Firewalls and Gateway Security Enforcement Devices.

Available as a Physical, SaaS or Cloud and Virtual – VM, Palo Alto products are centrally managed, resilient and built for uptime and offer affordable high-availability fail-over clustering. You can configure the system with customisable features from user identification to basic URL filtering. Whatever the workload and headroom required; Palo Alto can offer a good NGFW solution. A $3Bn revenue generated by Palo Alto Networks in FY,2019.


Palo Alto Networks -Prisma

Multi-Mode Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that improves protection layers on Cloud based assets. Suits Azure, AWS.


Palo Alto Networks-Cortex

AI based continuous security monitoring platform and control. Also offers storage options in the Cortex Data Lake.


Palo Alto Networks-Demisto

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) provides the resources to ramp up security responsiveness and improve security posture without adding additional head-count.