Web Application Firewall

Imperva Web Application Firewall – WAF


Imperva WAF’s use advanced application profiling to identify, validate and stop attackers. Imperva applies rules across on-premises and virtual instances of their WAF firewall ensuring consistency and compliance with security policies irrespective of location. Deploy WAF wherever your organisation needs granular safeguards to protect assets from web-based attack. Imperva’s renowned WAF Gateway inspects all requests website visitors makes, (including services and M2M initiated calls like API’s) and thoroughly analyses and vets them.



Full protection of your web applications in the Data Centre, Azure or AWS
OWASP Top 10 protection against stalwarts like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks
Tight integration with Splunk and ATT Cybersecurity AlienVault SIEM
Graphical reporting helps maintain regulatory compliance and provides an independent audit resource for auditing and analysis

Radware Web Application Firewall – WAF


Radware’s WAF solutions offers secure application security safeguards that help protect assets from web-based attacks. Security policy generation happens on-the-fly with OWASP vulnerabilities prioritised and dynamically updated in real-time. Relegate access violations, cross-site scripting and denial of service attacks to the past. Radware offers some unique features, notably their Kubernetes WAF for DevOps environments and AppWall WAF that protects against CDN masked and API manipulation attacks.



Multi-Environment protection encompasses Hybrid, Mixed, Public and On-Premises Cloud ecosystems
Radware BOT Manager combines modelling and intent analysis to mitigate against the 26% of total bad bot internet traffic that launches automated attacks
DDoS, scraping, account hijacking and API manipulation are stopped in their tracks
Reduce risk and increase uptime and staff productivity with proactive WAF protection
Live Threat map is an invaluable tool that helps provide real-time threat intelligence to SecOps teams