Business Driver : Sophos Managed Threat Response


Organisations of all sizes face the challenge of locating skilled security people with the requisite skills required to offer 24/7 threat response. In most organisations, security is all focussed on prevention and mitigation of known risks. They seldom target advanced threats because they lack the resources to do so. Proactively striking back at attackers can prevent successful attack or limit potential damages.

Value Proposition: Sophos Managed Threat Response


Private organisations have market valuations that are built upon goodwill and intellectual property. Protecting intangible values – brand reputation – is an investment in building investor and shareholder returns.

Sophos Managed Threat Response (MTR) Overview


Detecting the threat just isn’t enough.


Sophos works with clients to proactively detect and neutralise threats. The 24*7 Sophos MTR team is there to assist detect threats then collaborate to remove the threat and prevent further attacks.


Notification of threat and prioritisation and weighting of the threat

Collaborate with IT and Security teams to build and execute actionable response

Build proactive strategy to mitigate further threats and harden security posture

Create an environment of security readiness that improves overall security posture