Business Driver: PCYSYS PenTera Automated Penetration Testing


Complexity is the sworn enemy of information security. As services are expanded to increase an organisations competitive advantage or provide customers with increased functionality, so too does the surface area available to digital assailants to launch attacks against organisations. Then there’s compliance requirements needed to maintain PCI certification. Penetration testing is a mandatory requirement depending on the annual revenues transacted with credit cards. Many other organisations demand that business partners undergo rigorous penetration assessments prior to being granted admission to secured ecosystems or ERP systems. At its core a penetration test is a good way to test that both externally facing internet and internal secured network infrastructure is secure and digital assailants can’t reach resources.

Value Proposition: PCYSYS Automated Penetration Testing


Penetration testing is an uncompromising way to test the health and rigour of your security safeguards. Discovery vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure systems and fill any gaps or clearly identify, document, assign a risk priority based on threat level. It complements most organisation’s vulnerability scanning programs and increases the scrutiny based on a constantly updated database of real-time scans. An automated pen test offers instant ROI and demonstrates your commitment to keeping IT security levels at peak readiness.


Maintain PCI compliance
Make regular assessments using the latest threats to audit system and OS patching, alerts, revision updates and perimeter weaknesses
Offers a rapid ROI
Maintain security levels at their highest standards


PCSYS PenTera Product Overview


Ethical exploits are used to discover vulnerabilities and potential risk revealed by the automated Penetration Test. Uptime is guaranteed because of the gentle, non-disruptive probing and discovery methods that pose little risk to business availability.


Ensure a consistent standard across all businesses or divisions
Choose the frequency of your automated testing – weekly, monthly or fortnightly
Keeps systems operating in a high-alert state security readiness with good auditing and training tools
Dedicated and freelance security researchers assure a fresh and agile approach to testing and validating safeguards
Independent source of security oversight and compliance in legal environments


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