Business Driver: Proofpoint Information Protection


Cyber attacks come from all directions but have one target on their radar: your users. The digital assailant’s goal is to steal your trade secrets or a myriad of other assets. Protecting all attack vectors reduces risk and lowers the opportunity for attackers to compromise your organisation financially or damage your hard-won reputation. Information protection products come in many varieties that complement existing safeguards or offer comprehensive oversight that protects vectors from a central management console. This approach provides a better ROI and helps organisations with limited technical resources to deliver Enterprise grade cybersecurity mitigation safeguards.

Value Proposition: Proofpoint Information Protection


Enterprise protection features that protect an organisation’s intellectual property locally on NAS, SAN and across shared resources like Microsoft SharePoint instances add real value to Enterprise security ecosystems. Another feature that bolsters email safeguards is incorporating Data Leakage Protection (DLP) that protects users from themselves or safeguards data from being removed from the organisation by malicious players. Another feature not found in run-of-the-mill security solutions is Email Encryption that adds another layer of security that protects sensitive information sent between stakeholders.


Product Overview – Proofpoint Information Protection


Proofpoint’s Information Protection Suite offers a host of features not commonly found on security suites. It proactively searches, identifies, classifies and protects sensitive data domiciled on all storage platforms or data repositories across the corporate infrastructure. In just 24 hours, Proofpoint’s suite identifies all data and automatically flags and alerts administrators.
Key risk areas protected using Proofpoint Information Protection include;


Data Leakage Protection (DLP)


Lock down sensitive data by ensuring that it can’t exit the organisation deliberately or accidently via email. Automated content analysis prevents tax file numbers, credit card details and any number of structured and unstructured data.


Email Encryption


Add another layer of protect for sensitive communication by protecting the email content and attachments with policy-based data encryption.


Integrated Compliance


Data Discover from Proofpoint allows you to enforce regulatory or data classification compliance automatically based on policy or compliance mandates. You can lock down data based on policy – sensitive design documentation or compliance – PCI prevents credit card details gaining egress from the company.


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