Mimecast Archiving


Mimecast’s Enterprise Information Archive helps organisations reduce archiving costs, meet onerous compliance mandates and simplify data retention tasks. Enterprise Information Archive also bolsters business continuity goals by providing resilient archiving systems that enhance existing investments of Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 infrastructure. For demanding environments where chain-of-custody or unimpeachable “single-source-of-truth” are requisites, Mimecast can solve a multitude of challenges including disaster recovery and legally mandated archive retention.



Ultrafast e-discovery increases employee productivity
High-Availability archiving improves business resilience
Tamper resistance assists chain-of-custody for auditing, government, defence, finance, banking or law enforcement environments
Build multi-layered Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 email archives

Proofpoint Archiving


roofpoint’s Enterprise Archive solves the business challenges posed by legal discovery, fast archival access for end-users and regulatory oversight. By deploying backups to an unimpeachable source reputational damage can be mitigated, critical files secured and overall business resilience enhanced. Enterprise Archive boasts fast access to files, lightning fast indexing and search and central administration to reduce management overheads.



Enforce email archiving policies to ensure regulations, legislation and policies are enforced
Automate processes to reduce the risk of punitive penalties
Automated synchronisation is invisible to end-users
Off-Site archiving bolsters resilience and time-to-recover in the event of a natural disaster or other calamitous event