Endpoint Protection

Malwarebytes Enterprise Endpoint Protection


Malwarebytes target Enterprise with innovative, ground-breaking endpoint protection that enables security administrators to detect and prevent threats as they happen. Malwarebytes’ advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) helps IT staff make better informed decisions that help mitigate endpoint risks quickly and efficiently. Cloud based detection enables precision remediation, lowers downtime risk and improves the ROI that Malwarebytes’ delivers to organisations.



Static and dynamic threat detection to improve responsiveness and efficacy
Automated remediation with Linking Engine Remediation reduces administrative overheads
Cloud management via a single endpoint lowers administrative overhead and increases operational efficiency
Endpoint protection is improved with payload and heuristic analysis, application hardening and advanced exploit mitigation techniques

Webroot Endpoint Protection


Webroot were the originators of IT Security’s first fully Cloud-based endpoint security solution and have been demonstrating their technical leadership ever since. Webroot protects against multiple-vector attacks, operates seamlessly and transparently while mitigating against DNS poisoning, keystroke logging, cookie scraping and a host of other threats.



Automated alerts and policy configuration ease the administrative overhead
Hassle free installation in less than 30 seconds with low resource endpoint agents
Single integrated console provides granular administrative controls
Online and offline protection ensures potential threats are identified and remediated automatically

Sophos Intercept-X Endpoint Protection


Sophos Intercept-X relies on “deep-learning” technology to detect threats without traditional reliance upon signature-based discovery. Threats are detected, identified, prioritised and analysed to fast-track the remediation process. In addition to protecting typical Windows powered endpoints, Sophos Intercept X is suitable for heterogeneous environments like Chrome, iOS and Android.



Ransomware detection prevents boot-record attacks and mitigates the risk of infection
Advanced exploit prevention techniques are used to block malware, credential theft attempts and other threats designed to evade detection
Intercept-X is compatible with Server and Mobile OS’s to centralis administration and reduce
Integrates with Sophos family of Firewalls and Unified Threat Managers (UTM)

Crowdstrike Falcon Endpoint Protection


Crowdstrike’s Falcon takes a revolutionary approach to endpoint protection by redefining the limitations of legacy solutions. Falcon reviews the entire environment in the context of IT Health and looks for vulnerabilities, weaknesses and potential risks and applies this reconnaissance to hardening security safeguards. Falcon is also designed from the ground up with production Cloud environments like Azure and AWS optimised to deliver immediate performance.



Cloud based infrastructure improves response time and dynamically adapts to new threats
Proactive mitigation with privilege, roles and responsibilities factored into security considerations
Complete discovery of rogue network and infrastructure components identified and quarantined
Granular analytics and discovery with deep-dive probing of all applications