NGFW Intelligent Perimeter Protection

The Firewall is the cornerstone of information security and serves a vital role in protecting an organisation’s digital assets. As the demands placed on providing remote access have increased, so too has the role of the trusted Firewall in the IT hierarchy. Deep Packet Inspection enables the identification and classification of data that enables better control of digital assets that enters or exits the organisation. Additional features have been added to increase the utility of firewall perimeter appliances and makes secure connectivity easier for users and administrators. Securite offers a range of NGFW’s to cater to the needs of larger organisations who require mission-critical high-availability or smaller users who value simple management and added features that lowers ownership costs.

  • Forcepoint Stonesoft
  • Forcepoint Sidewinder

  • Sophos

Palo Alto Networks NGFW

Palo Alto is a market leader in the NGFW product offering and have solutions that are ideal for distributed enfironments or for the branch or remote offices. Choosing a Palo Alto solution means choosing the best product from either a physical or virtual solution and being able to manage and orchestrate distributed infrastrucure centrally. Palo Alto’s next-generation firewall is the cornerstone of their security platform and provides the visibility and enforcement needed to safely enable applications and prevent threats across your organisation. Integration with real-time threat analytics (e.g., WildFire)provides rapid detection and prevention to stop advanced attacks.
Panorama Management Platform
Panorama network security management enables you to control your distributed network of Palo Alto firewalls from one central location. View all your firewall traffic, manage all aspects of device configuration, push global policies, and generate reports on traffic patterns or security incidents — all from a single console. Panorama is available either as a dedicated management appliance or as a virtual machine.
Panorama provides;

  • Easier policy enforcement
  • Helps to streamline security operations
  • Visibility in threats and application activity
  • Easily deploy and manage

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Securite and Sophos

Forcepoint Sidewinder Ultra Performance NGFW

Please contact Securite for more information on the Sidewinder products

Forcepoint Stonesoft NGFW

Stonesoft is a name synonymous with perimeter security and is now a member of the Forcepoint product family and provides administrators with application control, sophisticated evasion prevention and an intrusion prevention system (IPS) that are all integrated into a single solution. It has a proven capability to identify advanced evasion techniques (AETs) that are undetectable on other devices and delivers exfiltration protection using both application and endpoint intelligence.

Securite Forcepoint Stonesoft

  • Centralised management of up to 2,000 firewalls
  • Built-in active-active clustering that scales to 16 nodes for high availability
  • Plug-and-play installation of remote network firewalls lowers administrative costs
  • Scalable and resilient Multi-Link VPN for site-to-site connectivity

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Sophos XG NGFW Firewall

Sophos XG Firewall provides visibility into your network and user behaviour, applications all centrally administered. You can add Sophos iView for centralised reporting across multiple firewalls. The XG Family extend your network with a complementary range of robust, secure wireless access points that can be managed and monitored from the iView central console.
Sophos Firewall Manager Centralised Management
Use Sophos Firewall Manager to administer all your firewalls from a single console with the ability to push, pull, replicate, and automate policies across firewalls.
Sophos iView Centralised Reporting
Provides full visibility across your entire estate of firewalls with consolidated reporting and remote log file storage management for archiving important data.
Clustering and Redundancy
Clustering and active-passive failover provide enterprise scalability and business continuity.
Flexible Deployment Options
Choose from a variety of different hardware appliance models, virtual environments, or even deploy it on your Intel server hardware platform of choice.

XG Brochure

Easy Remote Deployment
Remote Ethernet Devices(RED) requires no technical skill for untrained staff to install.

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Wireless Connectivity
The XG Family integrates with Wireless access points that offer highly secure wireless environments.

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