Encryption for Disk and Media

Check Point provide a centrally managed solution to enforce encryption across mobile and removable storage media.

Check Point and Securite for Encryption

Check Point Full Disk Encryption

Companies must secure data on their laptops as part of a comprehensive security policy. Without securing data, valuable datacan be lost or stolen from laptops which may result in legal and financial repercussions. The Check Point Full Disk Encryption Software Blade provides transparent security for all information on all endpoint hard drives, including user data, operating system files, temporary and deleted files. For maximum data protection multi-factor pre-boot authentication ensures user identity before the operating systems loads.
Check Point Endpoint Full Disk Encryption prevents unauthorised users from accessing data on encrypted devices by password protecting the entire hard drive prior to booting the operating system. Even after the system is booted and the user is accessing the operating system, the encryption/decryption driver runs in the background, automatically encrypting data as it is stored on the disk. Setup, deployment and management of encryption can be done via Check Point’s Central Management Console.

  • End User Transparency: User continues to use OS and access files while the Full Disk Encryption works in the background
  • Software Blade runs in the background: No user-sensed effect on the encrypted device’s performance.
  • Fast and Simple Deployment: Fast and simple deployment, including track record of 50,000 seats deployed in one month.


  • Automatically encrypts all data on the device hard drives
  • Secure Remote Help allows remote password remediation or change and one-time remote login


  • Protects business from unauthorised access if laptops are lost, stolen or left unattended after the user logged off the device
  • Highly scalable, rapid deployments from a leader in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for mobile data protection
  • Integration with Check Point Software Blade Architecture for a single-console, centrally-managed endpoint solution


Securite for Check Point Encryption Solutions

Endpoint Media Encryption

The Check Point Media Encryption Software Blade provides centrally-enforceable encryption of removable storage media such as USB flash drives, backup hard drives, CDs and DVDs, for maximum data protection. Educating users about policy via UserCheck prevents future data sharing mistakes. Port control enables management of all endpoint ports, plus centralised logging of port activity for auditing and compliance.
Set Encryption from Centralised Security Management
The centralised endpoint security manager allows administrators to set and enforce encryption policy for removable media and devices using algorithms such as AES 256-bit, for maximum data protection. Unique to Check Point, users can securely access encrypted media from unmanaged computers, with no client installation.
Removable Media Enforcement
Removable media enforcement maximises data security by placing a unique digital signature on each encrypted device, informing the user of any unauthorized changes made to stored information. Should any changes be detected, the device will need to be re-authorised before it can be used in the protected environment again.
Engage and Educate Users with Integrated Check Point UserCheck
Use Check Point UserCheck™ to actively engage and educate users as they access portable media to identify potential policy incidents as they occur and remediate them immediately.
Central Management
The Media Encryption Software Blade is centrally managed by the Endpoint Policy Management Software Blade, enabling central policy administration, enforcement and logging from a single, user-friendly console. Centralized management offers unmatched leverage and control of security policies and multiple deployment options offer easy installation and minimise user impact, for a reduced overall cost of operations.
Device Access Settings
The device access settings control access to removable media, devices and ports. Devices can be defined at a granular level by type, brand, size or ID, for maximum data protection. Access to endpoint ports such as USB, FireWire, Bluetooth, WiFi, printer, etc., can be centrally managed.
Granular Control of Data
Use Check Point UserCheck™ to actively engage and educate users as they access portable media to identify potential policy incidents as they occur and remediate them immediately.
Logging and Alerts
Administrators can store device activity and file movement logs to a central database, enabling centralized auditing and reporting for easy compliance. Email alerts can be configured to notify administrators about specific events.
Integrated into Check Point Software Blade Architecture
The Media Encryption Software Blade is integrated into the Software Blade Architecture. Endpoint Security Software Blades from Check Point bring unprecedented flexibility, control and efficiency to the management and deployment of endpoint security.Choose from six Software Blades to deploy only the protection you need, with the freedom to increase security at any time from a single central management console.


Endpoint Policy Management
The Check Point Endpoint Policy Management Software Blade simplifies endpoint security management by unifying all endpoint security capabilities for PC & Mac in a single console. Monitor, manage, educate and enforce policy, from an at-a-glance dashboard down to user and machine details, all with a few clicks.