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Experience and Independence Matters

Sécurité offers more than two decades of experience providing Australia’s top 500 corporations, Government, Utilities, Financials, SMBs and all level of enterprise with the latest information security solutions. Australian based and owned Sécurité delivers finely honed expertise, practical independent advice and combines these elements with the best price/performance current security solutions in the industry for the ASD Essential 8.


If you require uncompromising #Cybersecurity safeguards, data security and the latest leading edge solutions from the world’s best vendors who are our partners, and managed security provider services (MSP), Sécurité is your partner of choice.


“Sécurité, Sécurité, Sécurité” is a call sign used in the Maritime radio service that warns crew and authorities that the following message is important safety information such as navigational warnings and meteorological information. “Pan Pan” and then “Mayday Mayday” indicate more life threatening danger.


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Sécurité works closely with business
partners like Crowdstrike to ensure our
Enterprise clients can adapt, evolve,
and protect their knowledge assets and
intellectual property efficiently and at
reasonable cost.


Quickly identify threats or anomalous behaviour and immediately initiate risk mitigation procedures. Sécurité builds infrastructure and processes that identifies the type of threat, assigns it a priority and tracks its vector, transit and their intended targets.


Sécurité provides technical controls and cyber-risk threat mitigation tools that optimise and stress-test your information security safeguards. Our solutions provide cost-effective ways to repel, eliminate and neutralise threats against your knowledge assets.


Sécurité helps you to build self-defending processes and systems that adapt to emerging threats. Our solutions deliver uninterrupted vigil, automate security safeguards and build resilience and high-availability into each facet of business operations.