Optimise your WAN

WAN optimisation has evolved as the ubiquity of broadband network infrastructure has become more widely available. It’s now the case in many situations that deploying commercial or consumer grade broadband offers equal, or better levels of performance than purchasing dedicated broadband services from a Telco. Talk to Securite about exploring cost-saving WAN Optimisation options for your network infrastructure.

  • Silver Peak for Optimisation
  • Securite and Citrix

Broadband SD-WAN

Building an SD-WAN with ubiquitous broadband makes more business sense as capacities increase and organisations can use high-capacity mobile in addition to fixed, wired infrastructure.

Silver Peak can help you by providing the solution that enables centralised management of WAN infrastructure enabling orhanisations to save up to 90% in WAN costs by deploying secure, optimised broadband connectivity. Deploying MPLS made good business sense when applications were only hosted in the data centre.
Silver Peak’s Broadband SD-WAN helps to reduce operating expenses by;

  • Use low-cost consumer broadband augment MPLS, and reduce operating costs as much as 90%
  • Easily switch carriers, mix and match, or even completely replace MPLS with broadband
  • Simplify branch connectivity and rapidly orchestrate branch infrastructure
  • Improve productivity and user acceptance with with consistent and reliable private-line-like performance

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Securite builds WAN optimised solutions

WAN Optimisation:
Accelerate Application Performance over Distance

Leading global organisations choose choose Silver Peak WAN optimisation to overcome network performance challenges and lower WAN operating and management costs.
Silver Peak WAN Optimisation solutions offer a feature set that stands out from the competition;

  • Silver Peak offers the industry’s only multi-gigabit virtual WAN optimisation solution and is the only WAN optimisation solution that can execute on every major virtualisation platform
  • Industry leading Silver Peak continues to push technology boundaries in capacity and performance for WAN optimisation. With the broadest portfolio of physical and virtual WAN optimisation products and support for up to 10Gb WAN environments, Silver Peak delivers the most cost-effective WAN optimisation for businesses of every size
  • Silver Peak’s WAN optimisation products are application agnostic and improve the performance of all enterprise and cloud applications irrespective of transport protocol or version. This is achieved without any risk of corrupting data or affecting application behavior
  • Silver Peak’s VX virtual WAN optimisation appliances can be deployed directly within Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and VMware vCloud Air. This allows enterprises to easily extend their WAN optimisation deployment into the cloud

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SDN – Cisco Systems

The Hybrid WAN:Define the network with Cisco Systems.


SDN – Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The Hybrid WAN:Define the network with HP software


Hybrid WAN

The Hybrid WAN: Transition at Your Own Pace
Begin by augmenting your MPLS solutions with broadband. While the ultimate goal may be an all-broadband WAN, Enterprises can begin their infrastructure transition with a hybrid WAN solution from Silver Peak. As MPLS contracts come up for renewal, businesses can explore lower-cost broadband Internet services as an alternative for connecting to Cloud applications. This provides an opportunity to downsize MPLS bandwidth and only use that connectivity for critical business or data centre applications. Enterprises can begin to slowly migrate additional applications away from the data centre as needs or business justifications arise.

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Data Replication Acceleration

Silver Peak’s VRX software was designed for the storage professional.

VRX combines advanced WAN acceleration technology, simplified deployment methods, and subscription pricing options to deliver up to 20x faster remote replication. With VRX, storage managers can easily meet, or shrink, their recovery point objectives (RPOs). The VRX software deploys with just six simple steps, and does not require networking expertise. Whether it is replicating between data centers or using a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering in the Cloud, Silver Peak VRX easily overcomes the challenges of limited bandwidth, latency, and poor link quality to help customers move more data over longer distances.

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