Manage Passwords and Authentication with greater ease

As the security evolution continues safeguards that enhance the protection of your environment that were traditionally only viable for the largest of orgnisations can now be deployed by SMB’s. By harnessing the economies of scale offered by cloud based solutions, CISO’s can offer services that are easy to administer and offer greater value than deploying DIY solutions or seeking economy with open-source software. Securite can help you with Single Sign On, Authentication and Password Management that increases security while lowering the cost of administration.

  • Centrify and Securite
  • Thycotic is a Securite Partner

Centrify – Single Sign On

Market leader Centrify have been acknowledged by Gartner as a leader in Single Sign On for identity management. They offer a range of terrestrial or cloud solutions that will help CSO’s administer their identity and authentication more efficiently.
Single Sign-on for Thousands of Apps
Single sign-on (SSO) allow users to access cloud, mobile and on-premises from any device and securely access resources based on enforcement of existing policy. Centrify SSO enables users to enter a single logon credential and password once, and securely access resources.

  • Simplify access to secure organisation resources with single sign-on for employees, business partners and customers
  • Easy one-click access to authenticate to applications and services
  • Improve security by eliminating the use of insecure and difficult to manage passwords
  • Customise the way your users authenticate to Identity Service based on their environment and endpoint
  • Self Service enrolment reduces service desk workload from resetting forgotten passwords
  • Simplify external user access with inbound federation from other identity providers

  • ResourcesData

    Single Sign On – SSO for Cloud and Mobile Apps
    Mobile users are accessing resources on their devices using a variety of devices. Access is often required from within or external to the firewall protected perimeter. on their handhelds, in the cloud and behind your firewall — and they’re doing it from multiple locations using multiple devices. Centrify lets you deploy browser-based and custom apps — all with a single username and password. Your internal IT resources control access via existing policy and you can also leverage industry standards such as SAML.

    Security Assertion Markup Language
    SAML integration is built into Cenrtiry’s SSO products. Read more at the link below


    Instant Deployment of SSO — Infinite Apps
    Infinite Apps are preconfigured templates that enable administrators to quickly integrate SSO into a third party environment and grant access with ease.To integrate the app open a login screen and Infinite Apps will add the app to your catalog instantly — ready to push out to your users for SSO authentication.

SSO for On-Premise Applications
Centrify offers Single Sign-On that provides secure behind-the-firewall access without the requirement for a VPN or hardware to install or maintain.
Your Identity Data — Adaptable using existing authentication
Centrify lets you decide where to keep your identity data. Cemtrigy Identity Service provides single sign-on that federates identity from on-premises and cloud-based directories. This allows administrators to maintain your Active Directory, LDAP or Google Directory as the authoritative data source for authentication and maximises the efficacy of your authentication investment.

  • Get flexibility to use identity from anywhere
  • Authenticate employees from credentials in Active Directory, LDAP or Google Directory
  • Use the Centrify Cloud Directory for contractors
  • Give business partners SSO to your shared apps with inbound federation
  • Provide turnkey authentication to your customer apps, leveraging social or cloud logins

Centrify for Apple MAC
Creative production environments can enjoy the same flexibility that Enterprise business users enjoy

Thycotic Self Service AD and Automated Password Reset

Self-service solutions empower your end-users and reduce your service desk costs. Staffing a help desk is a major expense, and can be a drain on resources if enterprises do not proactively use automation and self-service options.
Thycotic Self-Service Password Reset gives you an easy, affordable solution that enables users to quickly and easily reset passwords themselves.
Thycotic Password Reset Server helps you to;

  • Enforce stronger and more secure end-user password controls
  • Free up your IT help desk staff from time-consuming and inefficient processes, and gets employees back to work without waiting on help desk staff
  • Improve your organisation’s efficiency

Securite provides Thycotic security solutions


Active Directory Self-Service Administration
Thycotic Group Management Server allows line managers the ability to securely manage their department’s Active Directory Groups without assigning them a privileged account. It provides a simple web interface dashboard for business managers to manage their own AD groups. Privilege is based on role and responsibility with all actions being fully audited and controls added to ensure managers only have access to the groups that they need. Using Group Management Server, business department heads can easily manage their AD groups ensuring the right people are included in their email groups and permitting correct access to secured file systems. Group Management Server tracks and logs file access ensuring appropriate governance and risk management is used that aligns with corporate policy.

Securite provides Thycotic security solutions