Business Driver for Two-Factor Authentication 2FA

Multifactor Authentication (commonly referred to as 2-Factor authentication) is a control method used for identity and access control. It provides the means for something you have – typically a phone or authentication device – to be combined with something you know – a password or PIN code. This provides added security for those protecting access to an organisation’s sensitive digital assets. Typical scenarios include online finance, high-security environments, defence and national security and police enforcement. Authentication is provided using a time generated one-time password (OTP) or using a multi-function device with a unique identifier like a mobile phone.

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  • RSA SecureID Series 700 Token
  • Gemalto ID Prove 100

RSA SecureID

RSA are the originator of SecureID token based two factor authentication solutions. They have a broad range of products available that integrate seamlessly with leading identification and authentication frameworks.
RSA Tokens come in a number of models with specific features unique to the product range.

Hardware Token;

RSA’s SecureID authentication helps users by leveraging “something they know” (user name and password) with “something they have” (the PIN code on the token). The RSA SecurID hardware tokens come in a two models that generate and display new codes every 60 seconds.

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Software Token Authentication;

Software tokens use a secure provisioning protocol, Cryptographic Token Key Initialisation Protocol (CT-KIP), with the option of Quick Response (QR) code provisioning that requires no transmission of confidential token information over the network and can securely bind a token to a device. A typical endpoint is a mobile phone with the software available for leading operating systems.

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Tokenless Authentication;

This product is a risk-based authentication solution for users that would prefer a tokenless authentication experience. RSA SecurID risk-based authentication offers the traditional user name and password login experience, but with the increased security benefits of a multi-factor authentication solution.

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  • Trusted RSA brand – an EMC company
  • Flexible choices
  • More than 55M deployed in the field today
  • Easy to configure and manage
  • Integrates with leading access providers with ease
  • Market leader – proven reliability

Gemalto ID Pro

Gemalto is one of Europe’s leading security vendors and recently added Safe-Net products to their range after an acquisition. The company offers a range of 2-Factor tokens that include embedded USB smart card chips, USB encrypted storage and SIM card size tokens. They also offer contactless solutions for specialised requirements.

  • Many specialised tokens for individual security requirements
  • Onboard USB encrypted storage
  • Embedded smartcard
  • Contactless
  • SIM – micro form-factor
  • For defence or high-security


Centrify MFA Everywhere

The Centrify Identity Platform is a single turnkey platform that provides flexible options for authentication factors across enterprise identities and assets. The Centrify identity Platform supports a broad range of enterprise resources, including thousands of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, on-premises applications, operating systems and leading VPNs and network devices. The platform also supports MFA for privileged command execution and Secure Shell (SSH) access to servers deployed both on-premises or located in an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environment. ,/h5>

Centrify supports simple, flexible authentication for all types of users and system administrators executing privileged commands on servers. Centrify can bolster security with additional factors including;

  • Push notification
  • Voice call
  • Text message
  • Soft token OTP
  • Mobile biometric
  • OATH-compliant tokens