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Seasoned security professionals may be unfamiliar with the Forcepoint name but have probably used their exceptional products over their careers. The brands Websense and Surfcontrol are well known industry names having been market leaders for decades. These branded products are the progenitors to the current suite of best-of-breed security solutions designed to protect the intellectual property of organisations of all sizes.

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TRITON’s APX family of products share a common architecture based on the TRITON ACE and ThreatSeeker® Intelligence Cloud, which work together in real time to accurately identify and classify network traffic, apply policies and detect threats. TRITON APX’s unified management and reporting functions streamline work for your security team, giving them the context and insights they need to make informed decisions, minimise the dwell time of attacks and prevent the exfiltration of your sensitive data.
Advanced Threats involve sophisticated, multistage attacks with built-in techniques to evade detection, even while stealing sensitive data. TRITON AP-WEB provides complete protection against Advanced Threats and data theft across the entire “Kill Chain” in a unified solution for on-premise, remote, mobile, and cloud users.
Advanced Threats blend web and email elements throughout multistage cyberattacks in “Kill Chains,” presenting multiple opportunities to stop attacks before possible breaches occur. TRITON AP-EMAIL identifies targeted attacks, high-risk users and Insider Threats while empowering mobile workers and safe adoption of new technologies like Office 365.
TRITON AP-DATA enables you to discover and protect sensitive data wherever it lives – on endpoints, in the Cloud or on premise. Secure personal data, intellectual property, or meet compliance use cases quickly with custom or out-of-the-box policies, applying unique DLP capabilities to control data theft.
TRITON AP-ENDPOINT protects roaming users against data theft while on and off the network. Secure personal data, intellectual property, and meet compliance use cases quickly with custom or out-of-the-box policies, and apply unique DLP capabilities to control data theft on Mac OS X or Windows systems.

TRITON APX Capabilities;

Most of today’s security solutions can’t address Advanced Threats as they happen.TRITON AP-WEB is advanced, real-time threat defense.
Complex, uncoordinated, multi-vendor security deployments increase security risk and IT complexity. TRITON APX provides a single, unified solution for complete Web, Email, Data, and Endpoint protection and threat intelligence across the “Kill Chain,” on-premise, remote and in the Cloud.
Many of today’s security solutions can’t address Advanced Threats in real time. TRITON APX and its core products are powered by advanced, real-time threat defenses.
Most standalone DLP solutions are too complex to deploy.TRITON APX offers industry-leading DLP technology protection against data loss over Web, Email and Endpoint channels.


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TRITON AP-EMAIL Email Filtering

Add the power of Triton Email Protection
Advanced Threats blend Web and email elements deployed via multi-stage attacks to probe for the weakest vector. This strategy offers the defender multiple opportunities to stop those attacks before possible breaches occur.
TRITON AP-EMAIL secures the communication channel most often used in the early stages of an attack to identify targeted threats as well as high-risk users. It mitigates the risk posed by Insider Threats while empowering mobile workers and easing the safe adoption of new technologies like Microsoft Office 365™. We live in a cloud-first world, with bold advances in technology constantly changing the ways we communicate and collaborate. Email still remains the backbone of productivity and it demands strong protection to prevent interruption to staff productivity or possible flow-on effects.
TRITON AP-EMAIL gives you the security you need by protecting you against multi-stage advanced threats that often exploit email to penetrate your IT environment. It applies real-time behavioural sandboxing (AKA quarantining), enterprise-grade DLP and other advanced defense technologies to identify targeted attacks, high-risk users and insider threats. TRITON AP-EMAIL monitors outbound email to prevent data leaks of sensitive information, and it protects your organisation by helping you to safely adopt technologies like Microsoft Office 365™.
TRITON AP-EMAIL is powered by TRITON ACE and ThreatSeeker® Intelligence Cloud, which work together in real time to accurately identify and classify network traffic, apply policies and detect threats. Unified management and reporting streamline work for your security team, giving them the context and insights they need to minimise attack dwell times and prevent exfiltration of your data. The common TRITON APX architecture also makes it simple to deploy TRITON AP-EMAIL separately or in any combination with TRITON AP-WEB, TRITON AP-DATA and TRITON AP-ENDPOINT.

  • Cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment
  • Enterprise-grade DLP protection
  • Highly accurate, real-time identification and classification of threats using TRITON ACE
  • Real-time threat intelligence from the Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Intelligence Cloud, which gives visibility into current global cyber threat activity
  • Unified management, reporting and dashboards across all TRITON APX products
  • Advanced options for email encryption, archiving, image analysis and more


  • Stop targeted attacks and the early stages of advanced persistent threats
  • Secure sensitive data against theft from external attacks and insider threats
  • Safely adopt cloud technologies such as Microsoft Office 365
  • Identify high-risk user behavior and educate users to improve threat awareness
  • Deploy with AP-WEB for complete, effective Content Security

From a damaged reputation to regulatory fines and penalties, a data breach can have devastating consequences. The Forcepoint™ DLP Module enables you to discover and protect sensitive data in the Cloud or on-premise. Secure personal data, intellectual property and meet compliance requirements quickly, with custom or out-of-the-box policies by using Forcepoint’s unique DLP capabilities to stop data theft.
Web security today requires the most advanced, real-time, in-line defences, combined with ease of deployment, lower cost of operations and the availability of cloud security services. Forcepoint™ Cloud and Hybrid Modules extend advanced threat protection for Web and email clients to roaming users.
Forcepoint™ email encryption for TRITON products is a policy-driven technology that enables secure delivery of email communications. It eliminates the traditional barriers of cost and complexity by offering easy administration, without complex key management or additional hardware.
The Forcepoint™ Image Analysis Module provides powerful illicit image detection capabilities to help employers monitor images distributed through email, educate staff members and enforce the organisation’s policies.
Take a modern, cloud-first approach to content security for your organisation with a scalable, easy-to-deploy sandbox solution that integrates seamlessly with TRITON® AP-WEB and TRITON AP-EMAIL.

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WEBSENSE Web Filtering

Websense Web Filter & Security blocks Web based security threats, reduces malware infections, decreases help-desk incidents and frees up valuable IT resources. With more than 120 security and filtering categories, hundreds of Web application and protocol controls, and more than 60 customisable reports and role role-based access, implementing is easy without the complexity needed for a proxy filter.


  • Customisable rules allow/deny filters can be timed or permanent and can accept external security intelligence from third-party sources
  • Best practice Web security policy controls
  • 120 Web security and content categories
  • Time quotas with multiple authentication options for users and groups
  • Easy to setup – no proxies required


  • Visibility into current global cyber threat activity from near real-time threat intelligence from the Forcepoint ThreatSeeker® Intelligence Cloud
  • Hundreds of controls for applications and protocols
  • Full port monitoring outside of proxy analysis
  • Includes controls addressing viral, entertainment and surveillance videos, plus support for YouTube educational videos
  • Easily integrated into your existing network infrastructure
  • Real-time security updates for threat protection
  • ThreatSeeker Intelligence Cloud to help protects against the latest advanced threats, malware, phishing and scams
  • Analyse, manage and monitor threat levels and network activity
  • Intuitive, web-based console and dashboard helps ease the burden of security policy enforcement
  • Video controls to protect network resources, plus custom allow/deny filters Web Filter and Security allows the viewing of YouTube educational videos, and provides control over viral, entertainment and surveillance video
  • Custom allow/deny filters can be timed to expire for special events, and they support exceptions to remediate help desk incidents
  • Network port monitoring with application and protocol controls
  • The integrated Network Agent provides full port monitoring that includes monitoring of traffic outside of proxy analysis, and has controls for hundreds of applications and protocols


Real Time Advanced Threat Defense
Upgrade to TRITON AP-WEB to get social media controls, SSL inspection, inline ACE real-time security, data loss prevention (DLP), and an advanced threat dashboard for forensic reporting and data theft capture during security incidents
Remote and Cloud user protection
An optional remote filter Module and/or a Web Filter Security Cloud Module provides web access to remote users for protection against threats and enforcement of policies

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SUREVIEW SureView® Threat Analytics

By employing virtual data warehousing, federated search, powerful algorithms for automated information discovery and intuitive workflow tools, this application gives security analysts the ability to respond to cyber threats, fraud, other criminal activity and even terrorism as the events occur — not hours, days or months later.
Traditional approaches to security analysis require organisations to build data warehouses and ingest volumes of data. This places added demands upon IT resources and adds complexity to management and compliance mandates. SureView’s approach is to use using virtual data warehousing technology that accesses data at high speed without ever needing to copy or relocate it. The result is an economical solution that is easier to implement and manage with your existing resources.
The federated search capabilities of SureView Analytics allow your researchers to rapidly develop a consolidated overview of data captured for websites, emails, social media and local or remote databases. This approach eliminates the requirement to rely on batch processes that introduce delays into the data interrogation processes. This helps achieve near real-time analysis and produces actionable data more rapidly and reduces total ownership costs.
SureView Analytics have been designed from the ground up to be easy to use and to enable rapid collaboration across teams. Its sophisticated data visualisation tools enable your analysts to interactively expose patterns, trends and anomalies hiding in large amounts of complex data;

  • Link Analysis — Easily uncover clusters of information or key individuals and their relationship to suspicious events
  • Temporal Analysis — Quickly recognise a change in behavioural patterns or unusual conduct needing further investigation
  • Geospatial Analysis — Reveal an unknown relationship or the importance of information based on geographic correlations
  • Statistical Analysis — Identify unexpected peaks in activities or values

SureView Analytics includes faceted and tactical searching for selective information discovery using visual search filters. It also offers advanced alerting and provides an integrated intelligence database that supports secure information sharing.


  • Granular user access through multi-tiered security
  • Advanced defence class security protocols
  • Federated searching of large data-sets across multiple source types
  • Virtual data warehouse architecture increases responsiveness and enhances security
  • Automated data discovery locates hidden associations
  • Integrated geospatial, temporal, statistical and link analysis data visualisations are standard
  • Built-in reporting tools for drawing and labelling, importing images and report customisation


  • Deploys easily and rapidly with minimal IT overhead
  • Eliminates wasteful data duplication
  • Minimises the time spent on data collection, collation and correlation
  • Maximises the time spent on analysis and informed response to reduce threat dwell time
  • Reduces ownership costs and the logistic demands placed upon IT and compliance teams
  • Facilitates inter-departmental information sharing

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TRITON AP-DATA Enterprise Class DLP Protection

Data is at the heart of your organisation. You use it every hour of the day to serve customers, retain accurate records and make wise decisions. But the enterprise technologies you depend on for data managementare prone to leaks. Determined attackers from inside and outside the firewall want your data.
TRITON AP-DATA gives you the defenses you need to protect your sensitive data wherever it lives — on endpoints, in the cloud or on-premise. Its powerful Data Leakage Protection functionality help you secure financial records, intellectual property, Unique Identiifiers and other sensitive data. TRITON-AP’s user-friendly wizard makes it easy to deploy: you simply choose your geographic location, industry, and are offered a template that flags common compliance regulations relevant for your theatre of operations.
For even greater protection against malicious or careless insiders, combine AP-DATA with SureView Insider Threat for a completely integrated security management environment.
Forcepoint enables you to adopt cloud services like Box,, Citrix ShareFile and Microsoft Office 365™ without compromising your security posture. AP-DATA provides you with data visibility to monitor and prevent the exfiltration of your digital assets.
There are two core options within TRITON AP-DATA that can be deployed together or independently to meet your security requirements. This gives you the flexibility you need to meet data protection challenges for today or in the future.
From regulatory compliance data to intellectual property, Forcepoint keeps your data secure regardless of where it resides. PreciseID™ fingerprinting gives you the ability to discover even just a partial fingerprint of structured or unstructured data on Mac OS®, Microsoft powered endpoints or on and off the corporate network.
To secure data, you must be able to locate it wherever it resides. TRITON AP-DATA Discover enables you to detect and secure data-at-rest across your network as well as in cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365, Citrix ShareFile and Box Enterprise. With the addition of TRITON AP-ENDPOINT DLP, the power of AP-DATA Discover can be extended to MacOS and Microsoft Windows endpoints on and off the network.
  • Adopt cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365, Box Enterprise and Citrix ShareFile without fear of data theft
  • Identify and secure sensitive data within screenshots, PDFs and other images using embedded OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology
  • Easily find and secure files stored on MacOS, Windows and Linux endpoint devices

The last chance to stop data theft is when data-in-motion passes through email and Web channels. TRITON AP-DATA Gateway helps identify and prevent malicious and accidental data exfiltration, whether originating from outside attacks or insider threats. Counter advanced threat evasion techniques with powerful OCR to identify data within an image, and use drip DLP to stop the theft of data one record at a time.
  • Embrace cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 and Box while maintaining data visibility and control
  • Identify data theft attempts that use evasions such as custom encryption or incremental data-sets transmitted in small amounts over time
  • Control insider threats by identifying high-risk employees and providing proactive user education


  • Enterprise DLP functionality
  • Drip DLP to identify “low-and-slow” attacks
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) to identify data conveyed in images
  • Unified management, reporting and dashboards across all TRITON APX products

The Forcepoint™ Image Analysis Module provides powerful illicit image detection capabilities to help employers monitor images distributed through email, educate staff members and enforce the organisation’s policies.

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Forcepoint Stonesoft Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) starts with a solid foundation of protection, including granular application control, an intrusion prevention system (IPS), built-in virtual private network (VPN), and deep packet inspection, all in an efficient, extensible, and highly scalable unified design. Then we add powerful anti-evasion technologies that decode and normalise network traffic — before inspection and across all protocol layers — to expose and block the most advanced attack methods.
Large data breaches continue to plague businesses and organisations across industry verticals. Now you can fight back with application layer exfiltration protection. This new solution enables Stonesoft NGFW to selectively and automatically block network traffic originating from PCs, laptops, servers, file shares, and other endpoint devices based on highly granular endpoint contextual data. Application layer exfiltration protection is the only solution that goes beyond typical next-generation firewalls to prevent attempted ex-filtration of sensitive data from endpoints via unauthorized programs, web applications, users, and communications channels.
A unified software core enables Stonesoft NGFW to easily change security roles, from firewall/ VPN to IPS to layer 2 firewall, in dynamic business environments. The unified software core also serves to optimise the data plane, providing a significant performance advantage regardless of security role or number of active security features. For even more flexibility, Stonesoft NGFW can be deployed in a wide variety of formats — as a physical appliance, software solution, virtual appliance, or as virtual contexts on a physical appliance.
Today’s businesses demand fully resilient network security solutions. Forcepoint Stonesoft NGFW delivers high scalability and availability in three powerful ways:

  • Native active-active clustering: Up to 16 nodes can be clustered together, providing superior performance and resiliency when running demanding security applications, such as deep packet inspection and VPNs.
  • Transparent session failover: Provides industry-leading availability and serviceability of security systems. Stonesoft NGFW even supports transparent failover for multiple software and hardware versions within the same cluster.
  • Multi-Link: Extends high availability coverage to network and VPN connections. Provides the confidence of non-stop security along with high performance for every deployment.

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