PAM Business case playbook for CISOs

PAM Business case playbook for CISOs



Gartner has cited PAM as the number one project for CISOs for the past two years. But, according to Thycotic research, 66% of CISOs struggle to get the board to understand the business case behind cyber security, meaning getting PAM projects off the ground can be a challenge.

This playbook will teach you everything you need to know to get your executives on board. It brings together all the key information and statistics to support a successful business case submission for a PAM project.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Detail the issues/challenges that PAM will help you solve.
  • Explain the impact on the business in terms of Security Risks and Threats; Compliance and Audit Issues; and Operational Issues and Pains.
  • Explain why PAM is better than other solutions on the market.
  • Understand how to calculate Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment.
  • Effectively set out your implementation process, including timing, technology needs, staff needs, risks and whether they can be mitigated.

PAM Business Case Playbook for CISOs

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