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The Must Attend Security Event of 2016

Innovations in technology have left us vulnerable to increasing numbers of cyber attacks and threats. Intentional and destructive cyber-crime places everyone at risk from dark, evil forces. Take a proactive approach and catch-up with your friends at Securite; Refresh your knowledge Identify strengths and weaknesses in traditional approaches Update your[…]

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How dated are your security safeguards?

Have you faced the situation in an organisation where security was upgraded because the product was reaching end-of-life? You are not alone. IT Professionals dread the “compelling event” where an unplanned situation creates a panic and money is wasted on ill-considered security safeguards. Management demand that “something is done” immediately,[…]

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McEvoy Thomas is now Sécurité

McEvoy Thomas is now Sécurité The last few years have seen McEvoy Thomas grow rapidly helping organisations protect the integrity of their data and resilience of their business continuity planning. To align more closely with our future plans we are refreshing our branding to seek higher visibility in the marketplace.[…]

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