Experience Counts in Cybersecurity

Sécurité has delivered IT Security Solutions for two decades (established 1998)


At Sécurité (formerly McEvoy Thomas), We Price Risk and provide Independent cyber security advice, best in class solutions and managed security services

IT budgets are all about business priorities. Unlike typical IT projects, cybersecurity investments must must prove their  value, contribute to productivity and enhance business continuity goals.  Ultimately, their function is to mitigate business risks. Sécurité knows this and can help you and your team develop solid value propositions that build better outcomes for every dollar invested in Cyber and Information Security. Sécurité can manage the security service for you as an MSP. Sécurité is an accredited partner of the worlds leading cyber security vendors and has access to the latest leading edge security solutions with experienced accredited security engineers. Australian owned and based. For a free no obligation discussion to fit your risk profile and budget contact Sécurité today. Scott Thomas, Principal. #cybersecurity #Securite

Sécurité is located in North Sydney, at the very heart of Australia’s burgeoning “Silicon Valley” technology epicentre. 


Endpoint Protection

Sécurité provides solutions that  protect users from phishing attacks, malware, ransomware and inappropriate content.

Security SecOps

SIEM and SOAR in addition to centralised management tools increase staff efficiency and reduce the risk of attack.

Mobile Security

Securite offer the definitive range of cutting edge solutions that protect, encrypt and harden mobile infrastructure.


Next Generation Firewalls are a mandatory business requirement and Securite supports market leading solutions.

Network Protection

There is no black box that protects your organisation. Securite offers layered solutions that just work!

Business Continuity

It’s the intangibles like security awareness training or decoys and deception that rounds out Securite’s market leadership.

Experience Counts

Sécurité is a leader in Information Security