Business Driver: Kemp Technologies Load Balancer Products

In the competitive business environment ensuring business realises the maximum return on their technology spend is critical. Load Balancing provides means to spread the computing load across the entire infrastructure, delivering better performance, increased reliability and maximising the ROI of technology infrastructure.

Value Proposition: Kemp Technologies Load Balancer Products

Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) Load Balancers deliver increased performance and productivity across Server and Network infrastructure. By optimising connections to infrastructure workloads can be shared across a larger surface are and optimised on-the-fly to ensure the best possible customer experience. This means improved response time, better scalability and increased resilience. Because the process is dynamic, no single device serving customer requests is overstressed which improves hardware reliability and reduces the risks of unplanned outages. The ultimate outcome is to deliver the highest service levels to stakeholders.

Kemp Technologies LoadMaster ADC Load Balancer Product Overview

Kemp Technologies leads the load balancing market delivering solutions that address three key business requirements;

Hardware LoadMaster ADC

  • Layer 4 and Layer 7 TCP/UDP load balancing
  • Server and application health monitoring
  • FIPS 140-2 encryption support
  • Caching, compression, SSL offload and TCP multiplexing
  • Hypervisor and IaaS Cloud compatible
  • Automation ready and full rest API included

Virtual LoadMaster ADC

The virtual LoadMaster boasts the same feature-set as the hardware version.

Cloud Native LoadMaster ADC

The Cloud native LoadMaster was designed exclusively for the Cloud environment. The solution extends the feature set of the hardware version and transposes the ADC natively into the Cloud environment.

  • Microsoft Azure compatible
  • Amazon Web Services compatible 

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Kemp 360 Central and X15 High Performance ADC

Centralise management and administration of your Application Delivery Controllers from a central application. Kemp 360 Central enables multi-vendor ADC support and helps drive automation and optimise efficiency. Improve visibility and control of how application delivery resources are performing within your load balanced ADC ecosystem.

  • Monitor ADC capacity and performance in real-time
  • Automate routine tasks to ends administrative overhead
  • Manage ADC resources across multiple platforms
  • Multiple-Vendor support enable administrators to manage F5, NGINX and ELB resources flawlessly
  • Automate deployment across multiple hypervisors and Clouds
  • In-depth reporting offers intuitive, context-driven analytics
  • Provision resources consistently and maintain corporate standards

LoadMaster X15 High-Performance ADC for mission-critical performance

If resilience, incomparable performance and multi-gigabit throughput requirements then Kemp’s X15 is the load balance for your Enterprise environment.

  • Max Balancer Layer 4 Throughput Up To 15.8Gbps
  • 175,000 Layer 7 (http) requests per second
  • 262,500 Layer 7 concurrent connections
  • 35,000,000 Layer 4 concurrent connections
  • SSL Acceleration (2K Keys) up to 12,000 TPS