Kemp Technologies Load Balancing

Kemp Technologies has reinvented how organisations consume Application Delivery Controller (ADC) load balancing. By implementing a pay-as-you-use model, organisations can scale up or down to meet seasonal requirements (Xmas or EoFY) and pay only for what they use. This approach demonstrates how committed Kemp Technologies are to meeting the dynamic needs of their clients who need the additional bandwidth to meet their always-on business requirements and deliver an exceptional client experience.


  • Ground-breaking management and control delivered by Kemp Technologies AX 360 Central ADC fabric
  • Automated load balancing based on policy and workload
  • Proactive analytics enable predictive detection and provides corresponding actionable insights
  • Flexible licensing model delivers a better ROI

Radware Load Balancing

Radware offer load balancing technology that meets a myriad of business needs. As well as load shifting and balancing traditional Server and Web Hosting, Radware also helps communication managers optimise their telephony systems and network managers realise greater efficiencies from their network infrastructure. Radware’s Alteon has proven its performance and reliability for more than a decade and delivers a rapid ROI.


  • DNS Load balancing and Application Delivery Controller (ADC) for critical business environments
  • Harness greater performance and productivity from Server, Web and e-commerce infrastructure
  • Alteon Load Balancers guarantee their performance with industry benchmarked SLA’s
  • Solutions available in hardware or optimised for the virtual environment
  • SSL offloading for increased efficiency and increased performance