Forcepoint User and Entity Behaviour Analysis UEBA Insider Threat

Insider threat is still one of the most invidious attacks against any organisation. Whether it’s the betrayal of trust, financial loss or reputational damage, the damage is long lasting. Forcepoint takes Data Leakage Protection to new levels with even printers being monitored to protect sensitive documents that could create disquiet if released. Forcepoint DLP also protects against insider sabotage and can help administrators develop their own comprehensive in-house Insider Threat program.


  • Identify high-risk users and automatically adjust enforcement
  • Apply policies across temporary employees, new hires or contractors and identify anomalous behaviour
  • Capture rich forensic data if further external investigations must be initiated
  • Protect intellectual property without compromise

Splunk User and Entity Behaviour Analysis  UEBA Insider Threat

Splunk Insider provides Operational Intelligence into user behaviour that could identify and limit the potential of malicious damage to a business from theft of intellectual property extending to industrial sabotage. Because computer data is often used in the commission of corporate crime, rapid identification and investigation may prevent or limit the size or scope of any malignant activities.


  • Limit or prevent the incidence of corporate espionage or financial fraud
  • Identify unintentional practices or deviation from policy or best practice prior to any damage being done
  • Correlate disparate data to build forensic data-sets that reveal and stop illegal or damaging employee behaviour
  • Meet compliance oversight with robust auditing and analytical tools
  • Undertake long-term investigations to ensure that suspicions are disproved or prosecuted