Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewall

Palo Alto Networks continues to maintain its leadership in Next Generation Firewall Technology with their eighth consecutive year in the leadership corner of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Their progeny, Unit 42 Threat Intelligence provides real-time data that maintains Palo Alto Network’s leadership ascendency as the World’s foremost provider of cutting-edge and feature-rich cybersecurity technology.


  • Physical, Virtual, Cloud and 5G ready
  • Leadership in Zero-Trust security methodology
  • Dedicated PAN-OS security operating system
  • A vast array of skilled practitioners available in the marketplace

Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall

Forcepoint offer an easily managed, broad range of physical and virtual Next Generation Firewall Appliances to scale from Data Centre to remote office. Forcepoint’s technology incorporates advanced features that were included in their acquisition of the legendary Sidewinder firewall and still offer the best price/performance benchmarks in the industry.


  • Cloud Appliances support North South and East West traffic for best protection
  • Azure and AWS Cloud ecosystems are fully supported
  • VMware ESXi and NSX versions support up to 64 CPU’s and can be clustered with physical hardware for high-availability requirements
  • VPN, IPS, and SD-Wan are easily deployed from a central management console


Cisco Systems Next Generation Firewall

Cisco Systems are security leaders and can draw upon three decades of technical ascendancy beginning with their legendary PIX series of firewall appliances. Their product range scales from Enterprise grade High Availability systems right through to Cloud managed Meraki SMB optimised security solutions. Selecting Cisco Systems as your preferred partner also adds the benefit of being easily integrated within their existing product range of routing and switching infrastructure. Backed by a global service network you know that your partnership with Cisco and Securite means you are in a safe pair of hands. 


  • Multiple functions like URL filtering, next generation IPS and rapid response are included natively
  • Integrate Cisco infrastructure under a single management console
  • Australian government Cloud approved
  • Gain visibility into security behaviour and harness the power of Cisco’s Talos threat intelligence resources

Check Point Next Generation Firewall

Check Point drives market innovation with their Check Point Infinity consolidated security architecture. Unifying management across a single management console increases efficiency, reduces ownership costs and improves security readiness. NSS Labs have awarded their “Recommended” rating of 98.4% effectiveness ranking.


  • Leaders in Zero Trust firewall engineering
  • Complete range of solutions from SMB UTM through to Carrier Class Enterprise NGFW
  • Reduced management complexity with single pane management
  • Highly regarded SandBlast hardens against Ransomware and Zero-Day exploits