Business Driver: Swimlane’s Security Orchestration, Automation and Response – SOAR

Security vigilance comes with a very high price-tag. Qualified security staff are in heavy demand and command high salaries, assuming you are able to locate a suitable employee given the parlous shortage of candidates. Outsourcing is often an effective solution but comes with risks while just “hoping for the best” exposes the organisation to potential negligence lawsuits, reputational damage and legislative sanctions if safeguards are breached. One approach taken by organisations with demanding security requirements or finite resources is to invest in technical automation to track “security incidents” and use existing personnel to quickly respond to alerts and remediate rapidly. The market for “incident response management” has evolved with Security Orchestration, Automation and Response -SOAR- solutions addressing the needs of top-tier organisations while sibling, Security Incident Event Management – SIEM – products providing reactive tools to track security incidents and readiness. SOAR and SIEM serve different masters with SOAR’s ability to deploy and automate optimised for Enterprise environments as opposed to SIEM which flags issues extracted from log files and relying upon administrative oversight to remediate.

If a simple comparison is needed, SOAR is the brains whereas SIEM is the brawn.

  • Lower cybersecurity risk
  • Reduced staff acquisition and retention rates
  • Improved security readiness
  • Better forensic and analytical capabilities reduce false positives and erroneous alerts
  • Respond to threats in real-time
  • Improve Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) and cut threat window interval
  • Intuitive and contextual tools that build granular incident reports
  • Consistent and predictable process management and workflows
  • Quantifiable cybersecurity ROI
  • Rapid integration with virtually every third-party platform ensures rapid ROI without any increase in operating overheads


Value Proposition:  Swimlane SOAR

For organisations who must protect their security without compromise, SOAR capabilities are a mandatory addition to the information security arsenal. The typical SOAR suite extends the reach and efficacy of security safeguards and automated resources increases overall security and provides the tools and telemetry that strengthens cybersecurity oversight and increases resilience.

SOAR also unloads some of the more mundane functions and automates them allowing administrative staff to concentrate on incident response, forensic analysis, and fast remediation increasing the ROI of security staff and lifting security personnel retention rates.

SOAR addresses three critical areas of information security;

Security Operations Operation

Automate processes to raise threshold of security safeguards and incident responses times

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Use global resources and reconnaissance to identify, mitigate and inoculate systems and processes proactively

Incident Response

Track incident for forensic analysis and have an independent audit trail to protect against litigation or negligence claims

Key Points; 

  • Increasing volume and evolution of security threats demand more technical safeguards to ward off attack
  • Threat windows have narrowed demanding more agile responses to cyber-peril
  • Central view and high-level perspective of the security environment
  • Improvements to threat mitigation measures reduces corporate risk, insurance costs, and reputational damage


Product Overview: Swimlane SOAR

Swimlane SOAR seamlessly integrates your employees, processes and information security risk mitigation safeguards with Swimlane’s automated incident response platform. It’s an Enterprise level solution that optimises incident response and delivers quantifiable results that deliver a measurable ROI.

  • Automate up to 80% of your existing incident response process
  • Gain real-time insights into security processes
  • Improve security personnel ROI
  • View security behaviour and identify anomalous processes from a single pane
  • Orchestrate mitigation measures with ease

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