Business Driver: Thales-SafeNet Authentication Product

The sad, irrefutable fact is that identity theft is still a major vector for attacking organisations. Any method applied to improve the security of user credentials – particularly users with elevated credentials – provides organisations with a heightened level of security. The most effective Cybersecurity strategy deployed is “layered” – if one layer is breached another set of choke points or controls is in place to thwart attackers. Without doubt the most effective security safeguard available is Multifactor Authentication (MFA). Also known as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), multifactor authentication combines something you know – Password, with something you have, say a Security Token or Mobile Phone to improve identity-based access. 

Value Proposition: Thales SafeNet Product Overview

If your organisation values its reputation and requires extreme security for protecting privacy, intellectual property or meeting data protection requirements mandated by law then 2FA is an indispensable item in your security arsenal.

Thales SafeNet Product Overview

Authentication as a Service (AaaS)

SafeNet Trusted Access provides AaaS with Cloud and terrestrial protection that integrates seamlessly with applications and web applications.


  • Single Sign On across all ecosystems
  • Centralised management from a single interface
  • Granular access policies
  • Visibility into events and logfiles
  • Secure access for third parties like contractors or business partners

USB Tokens

Certificate based USB tokens offer digital signing, secure remote access, password management, network logon and the option of authenticators that combine physical and logical access controls.

Context-Based Step Up Authentication

Match user login attributes with pre-defined security policies

Certificate Based Smart Cards

Credit Card form factor combines access controls with PKI security

Hybrid Authenticators

Combine one-time-passwords (OTP), certificate-based technology with optional encrypted flash memory, all on the same device.

Software Based Authentication – Phone or Software

Use existing technology to extend multi-factor authentication across mobile endpoints like mobile phones.

OTP Authenticators

Generate time-based one-time-passwords to authenticate critical users or those with elevated credentials

Out-of-Band Authentication (OOB)

Strong authentication uses an alternative communication channel to enhance security

Pattern-Based Authentication

Grid authentication uses random characters to generate an OTP and challenge grid obfuscate attack. Also known as GrlDsure.

SafeNet Authentication Client

SafeNet Authentication Client is middleware that joins applications to Thales’ PKI authenticators and provides local administration with multiple security applications including digital signing, pre-boot authentication and disk encryption.


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