Business Driver: AlienVault USM Security Incident Event Management ( AT&T)

It’s called “digital sprawl”, where services expand to meet an ever-broadening surface delivery platform. This behaviour is driven by competing demands of the marketplace and finding new ways to harness greater efficiency and productivity levels from employees and business partners. The migration away from self-hosted on-premises hardware to “as-a-service” and Cloud hosting has served to exacerbate this situation.


Value Proposition: AlienVault USM SIEM 

As the surface area increases, so too does the burden of protecting it. Automation and reconnaissance tools are often the best solution to remedy this security challenge. By centrally managing security, existing resources can be extended to improve an organisation’s cybersecurity posture and create a more resilient IT ecosystem. If compliance like PCI or legislative oversight are mandated, automated security tools can help achieve auditing and verification requirements too. 


Alien Labs AlienVault USM Anywhere SIEM Product

AT&T’s AlienVault USM Anywhere offers security monitoring that provided detailed threat insights in real-time across an organisation’s entire organisation. USM anywhere captures threat analysis from the Open Threat Exchange (OTX) and applies these insights across the entire ecosystem – Cloud to Endpoint – and responds to alert administrators and bolster security readiness proactively.


  • Automated threat detection
  • Orchestrate responses based on customised rules
  • Discover assets including shadow IT, Azure and AWS
  • Detect Cloud intrusion including AWS, Azure
  • Detect Network and Host intrusion
  • Granular reporting
  • PCI DSS, Azure and AWS compliant


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