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A web filtering solution protects users from malicious or inappropriate content that could expose the organisation to censure, penalty or potential system outages caused by a security breach. Often Security Gateway components like proxy server or a firewall are integrated into a web filtering solution or conversely, a firewall will incorporate filtering features. Employee productivity can also be enhanced with administrative limits placed on destinations or duration of web browsing sessions based on roles and responsibilities.

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Forcepoint 4D

The name may be unfamiliar but as Surfcontrol, Websense or now Forcepoint these security products have been protecting organisations for more than two decades.
Forcepoint provides the market leading solution with their Triton family of Web Filtering components. The comprehensive Triton APX Suite features a series of discrete modules;
Advanced Threats involve sophisticated, multistage attacks using techniques to evade detection. TRITON AP-WEB provides complete protection against Advanced Threats and data theft across the entire “Kill Chain” in a unified solution for on-premise, remote, mobile, and cloud users.
Advanced Threats blend web and email elements throughout multistage cyberattacks in “Kill Chains,” presenting multiple opportunities to stop attacks before possible breaches occur. TRITON AP-EMAIL identifies targeted attacks, high-risk users and Insider Threats while protecting mobile workers and limiting the risks posed by the adoption of new technologies like Office 365.
TRITON AP-DATA enables organisations to discover and protect sensitive data wherever it lives – on endpoints, in the Cloud or on premise. It helps organisations secure personal data, intellectual property, or meet compliance regulations with custom or out-of-the-box policies. AP-DATA helps administrators by applying unique DLP capabilities to control data theft.
TRITON AP-ENDPOINT protects roaming users against data theft while on and off the network. It helps organisations secure personal data, intellectual property, and meet comply with legislation using with custom or out-of-the-box policies. Administrators can apply unique DLP capabilities to control data theft on Mac OS X or Windows systems.
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Blue Coat WebFilter

Blue Coat’s WebFilter is a member of the Security Platform family and aggregates data gathered on their Global Intelligent Service which categories web pages based on 80 categories. Additional capabilities can be dded that URL risk levels or provide geo-location data that provided administrators with even more granular information about websites and potential risk.

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For organisations who require basic protection, Webroot provides their SecureAnywhere Web Security Service that integrates seamlessly with Business Endpoint Protection. Webroot provides an easily managed solution that is ideal for SMB and entry level protection.

 Webroot secures these endpoints

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Security for every user, device and location

Zscaler Web Security provides a cloud based solution that offers visibility and control, going beyond the basics of web content filtering. Zscaler features advanced threat protection, real-time analytics and granular forensics. Your protection perimeter will encompass every user, location, and device. Every type of endpoint is secured including printers, smartphones, tablets and IoT devices.
 Zscaler Protection

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Palo Alto

Palo Alto Networks – NGFW

Integrate Web Filtering with your Next Generation Firewall from Palo Alto Networks. NGFW’s protect users while also locking down the security perimeter. Palo Alto have an array of solutions that are ideal for the Data Centre or branch office and offer central management for administrative oversight and policy enforcement.

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