Insider Threat – the criminal may be sitting next to you

Insiders pose a greater threat than ever thanks to the value of intellectual property. Trusted employees are often provided with unfettered access to systems and processes that could damage or affect business operations. New technology and software offers advanced insights into tracking employee behaviour that reveals how management and administrators have abused the trust given to them. As safeguards and mitigation measures have improved, so too has the sophistication of the attackers – trusted insiders. Malicious intent is the main business risk but protecting employees from their own ineptitude is also a vital protection layer that Information Security professionals must deal with.

Ignoring policy or deliberately circumventing safeguards can pose just as much risk to security as an insider intent on gaining from theft or engaging in sabotage caused by resentment. Securite offers a number of solutions that address this threat and also help executives reveal the rogue administrator or senior manager. The actions of a trusted insider could materially affect the financial stability or reputation of the organisation if their behaviour continues unchecked.

  • Dtex Threat mitigation
  • Darktrace threat mitigation
  • Forcepoint Sureview mitigates insider threat
  •  CyberArk and Securite partner for Information Security

Forcepoint SureView

Empower your organisation to protect the information entrusted to it from stakeholders by detecting your riskiest users and tracking the insider activities that could potentially damage your organisation.

“Trust, but Verify.”

You want to give your employees the latitude they need to do their jobs, but you also need visibility into their actions so you can protect your organisation and the information entrusted to it by others. Insider threats are often a greater risk than external attacks with many of them morphing into insider threats either by tricking the user or by silently subverting their browser or computer.
SureView Insider Threat provides visibility into the many areas that network devices can’t, including;

  • Deliberate, malicious acts such as intellectual property (IP) theft, fraud or sabotage that easily circumvent most data leak solutions
  • Mobile and internal users who take themselves offline or use encryption to avoid detection
  • Suspicious user activity within complex applications, including email programs and custom deployments of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and other solutions
  • “Leading indicator” actions, such as a screen capture that has been encrypted and saved to a USB drive

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CyberArk offers a complete solution to protect, monitor, detect, alert, and respond to privileged account activity

Privileged accounts represent the largest security vulnerability an organisation faces today. In the hands of an external attacker or malicious insider, privileged accounts allow attackers to take full control of an organisation’s IT infrastructure, disable security controls, steal confidential information, commit financial fraud and disrupt operations. CyberArk has developed a powerful, modular technology platform where each product can be managed independently or combined for a cohesive and complete solution for operating systems, databases, applications, hypervisors, network devices, security appliances and more. The solution is designed for on-premise, hybrid cloud and OT/SCADA environments.The CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution is based on CyberArk Shared Technology Platform™, which combines an isolated vault server, a unified policy engine, and a discovery engine to provide scalability, reliability and unmatched security for privileged accounts.

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Dtex Endpoint Security Analytics

Dtex’s endpoint visibility shows you data that you can’t get anywhere else – and these answers are the difference between catching a breach and a data theft disaster. Here are just a few things that customers have found in their enterprises once they installed Dtex;

  • Theft of Intellectual Property:
    Detect the internal or external theft of sensitive data that other security systems miss. Get the data that will allow you to stop data exfiltration before it happens. Fortune 500 company Sanyo is just one of the companies using Dtex to help them protect millions of dollars-worth of IP.
  • Failed Security Controls:
    See controls that are mis-configured or being bypassed. 96% of Dtex assessments found staff actively bypassing security measures.
  • Accidental Misuse:
    Accidents by insiders leave your organisation exposed. Find and train the employees that are making the most serious mistakes.
  • Malicious Employees:
    Spot employees who are using corporate equipment for illegal activity or are trying to sabotage corporate systems. Historical Royal Palaces uses Dtex to protect huge volumes of customer credit card information.
  • Off-Network Risky Behaviour:
    Bridge the crucial visibility gap and understand what users are doing with corporate devices while offline.

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Dark Trace – Enterprise Immunity

The Enterprise Immune System is a new technological approach to cyber defense, based on the principle that organisations face a constant level of threat from within. Inspired by the self-learning intelligence of the human immune system, this new approach is delivered by cutting-edge technology that is capable of learning ‘self’ within an organisation in real time – enabling it to detect emerging threats that bypass other security controls.

  • Identifies fast moving, sophisticated threats in real-time
  • Alerts administrators to apply “human interrogation”
  • Identify unknown “unknowns” more quickly protecting employees, clients and the supply chain
  • Learns normal and abnormal behavior in real time and detects emerging anomalies
  • Auto-classification of threats, supporting workflow and collaboration
  • Complete analysis and visibility of 100% of network traffic
  • No rules, no signatures, no assumptions