Protecting your endpoints across the Enterprise

Get the level of protection you need with a choice of endpoint security solutions that keep you protected against the latest threats, reduce the impact on your users and are easy to manage.Endpoints are no longer isolated to the office in an easily managed environment. Staff install unauthorised programs on their devices which can cause network speed issues or cause unplanned outages. Malware is also taking root in many networks with one report stating that over 21 million samples of malicious software were reported. A proactive and planned approach that provides real defence, offers flexibility that balances productivity and convenience with enterprise security needs is what is needed. Securite can provide your business with Endpoint Solutions that are easy to deploy and manage.

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Palo Alto TRAPS

Exploit Mitigation
Traps™ focuses on the core techniques leveraged by exploits in advanced cyberattacks. Traps renders these techniques ineffective by breaking the exploit sequence and blocking the technique the moment it is attempted. Compromise isn’t inevitable, or, at least, it shouldn’t be. Traditional endpoint protection simply cannot keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape, leaving organisations vulnerable to advanced attacks. A new approach is needed, one that can rebuild confidence in endpoint security.

TRAPS prevents advanced attacks originating from executables, data files or network-based exploits – known and unknown – before any malicious activity can successfully run. Palo Alto Networks calls this “advanced endpoint protection” – the foundation on which TRAPS is built. By focusing TRAPS’ on blocking the attacker’s core techniques and putting up barriers to mitigate them, the attacker’s path for exploitation becomes known, even when the attack isn’t.
Extend Zero Trust to Your Endpoint
With exploit kits readily accessible, even your “good” applications can go “bad.” The underpinning policy – Zero Trust (“never trust, always verify”) should be extended beyond the network. No application or attached device should be trusted – whethers it’s known or unknown. Instead of monitoring for patterns or malicious behaviours or whitelisting applications, advanced endpoint protection should persistently enforce the Zero Trust model on your endpoints.
While TRAPS can harden a system to allow only trusted applications to run, that is just one facet of the approach. Palo Alto’s unique exploit and malware prevention modules ensure those “trusted” applications cannot be exploited. This combination makes for a robust approach to advanced endpoint protection.
Patch Management – Worry No More
Patch management alone does not provide adequate protection against potential vulnerabilities. Exposure to threats exist long before patches are released with delays installing them a common event in under-resourced team’s of administrators. Another greater challenge is posed by legacy software that is no longer supported by the vendor and will never be patched.
Employing Traps as a compensating control allows organisations to meet various requirements including PCI compliance and VDI environments, by eliminating the possibility of exploiting those unpatched vulnerabilities. For Industrial Systems like SCADA, behaviour based monitoring often is the only security monitoring tool that’s suitable dor the ad-hoc architecture of these vitally important systems.
Do More With Less

  • TRAPS requires no definition updates or specialised hardware
  • TRAPS protects unpatched systems
  • TRAPS is compatible with all physical and virtual Windows platforms including terminals, VDI, Virtual Machines and Embedded systems
  • TRAPS protects all proprietary and third-party ones applications
  • Prior knowledge of an attack is not needed in order to prevent it
  • Palo Alto Networks – a trusted name in IT Security

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Webroot IoT Security

IoT – Traditional Cybersecurity is ineffective
Traditional cybersecurity approaches are difficult to integrate and aren’t effective in keeping operational devices secure. Many approaches for embedded devices work by isolating systems, which offers only partial protection, and only against known attack vectors. But a smarter approach is now available.
IoT – Webroot’s Solution
The Webroot approach to IoT security is based on collective threat intelligence and the benefits of machine learning. By utilising tens of millions of threat sensors around the world, Webroot’s BrightCloud can analyse new threats and exploits as fast as cybercriminals launch them. This aggregated knowledge correlates global threat data for up-to-the-minute protection and policy enforcement.


Webroot – Powered by BrightCloud
Predictive IP Threat Intelligence
BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence for SIEM integrates highly-accurate, constantly updated IP predictive threat intelligence into SIEM environments. By correlating multiple attack vectors — URLs, IPs, files and mobile apps — to identify known threats, BrightCloud can accurately predict which unknown objects are likely to be malicious. This highly-accurate, real-time, actionable intelligence can eliminate or greatly reduce the effects of an attack by detecting malicious activities as soon as possible so InfoSec teams can quickly respond, investigate and remediate.
BrightCloud IP Reputation Service
Helps network and security vendors augment their customers’ defenses by continuously monitoring all IPv4 and in-use IPv6 addresses, to make a dynamic list of 12 million malicious IPs available in near real-time. With this service IT security administrators can easily identify threats and protect their networks against inbound attacks, and the time required to identify new and existing IP threats is drastically reduced. In addition, administrators gain visibility into the types of threats, as well as historical, geolocation, and other intelligence to make better informed threat decisions.


CylancePROTECT redefines the role of antivirus protection by leveraging artificial intelligence to identify and block malware from executing on your endpoints in real time.
By taking a mathematical approach to malware identification with machine learning techniques rather than reactive signatures and quarantine sandboxes, CylancePROTECT renders known malware, viruses, bots impotent. At the core of Cylance’s malware identification capability is a technology based on a machine learning research platform that harnesses the power of algorithmic science and artificial intelligence. It analyses and classifies hundreds of thousands of file characteristics in real-time to discern whether an object is “good” or “bad”.
How it works – CylancePROTECT
CylancePROTECT’s architecture consists of a small agent that integrates with existing software management systems or Cylance’s own cloud console. The endpoint will detect and prevent malware through the use of tested mathematical models on the host, independent of a cloud or signatures. It can detect and quarantine malware in both open and isolated networks without the need for continual signature updates. Cylance’s mathematical approach stops the execution of harmful code regardless of having prior knowledge or employing an
unknown obfuscation technique.

  • Artificial Intelligence enabled machine learning reduces risk
  • Signature based AV is made obsolete
  • classifies 100,000’s of characteristics to distinguish good files from bad

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Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection

Confidence has never been so low in a key threat prevention technology: endpoint security.
Conventional antivirus protection is struggling to keep up with today’s threats and attacks. It slows down machines, users, and is complex and resource-intensive.
By combining innovative SecureAnywhere file pattern and predictive behaviour recognition, SecureAnywhere harnesses the almost limitless processing power of Cloud computing, Webroot effectively stops malware and zero-day threats at the moment of attack. Traditional antivirus demands that every endpoint has the latest update whereas SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint
Protection communicates with the cloud – no definition or signature updates to deploy and manage. As malware detection occurs continuously in real time, performance issues are eliminated. Scheduled systems scans are normally around 30 seconds and never impact device performance. Virtual desktop, Server environments and many embedded operating systems benefit from improved performance.
The world’s smallest and fastest endpoint security client makes deployment fast and easy. The SecureAnywhere antimalware agent happily coexists with other antivirus solutions, with no need to immediately rip and replace.

  • Smarter malware prevention
  • Easier management
  • Lower resource utilisation demands on endpoint devices
  • Cloud based intelligence means real-time protection for users
  • Powered by Brightcloud
  • BrightCloud provides real-time SIEM updates to other security vendors like Palo Alto and HPE

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Sophos Endpoint Protection

ophos build high-performance security products that integrat with thier faamily of security solutions for easier management.
Signatureless Protection
Sophos Endpoint Protection correlates suspicious behaviours and activities using real-time threat intelligence from SophosLabs.

  • Blocks malicious URLs and web exploit code
  • Identifies and stops endpoint communication with attackers’ servers
  • Analyses pre-execution and post-execution behaviour to detect previously unknown malware
  • Integrates with other Sophos infosec infrastructure

Complete Control
Enforce your web, application, device and data policies with ease, thanks to seamless integration within the endpoint agent and the management console.

  • Web Control Category-based web filtering that is enforced both on and off the corporate network
  • Application Control Point-and-click blocking of applications by category or by name
  • Device Control Managed access to removable media and mobile devices
  • Data Control Data loss prevention (DLP) using prebuilt or custom rules

Sophisticated Simplicity
Sophos Endpoint Protection delivers sophisticated functionality coupled with a simple, intuitive user experience that eases user learning curve and the administrative overhead for resource challenged organisations.

  • Quick and easy deployment from the cloud or on premise
  • Default policies that are configured to balance protection, usability and performance
  • Automatic removal of third party endpoint security products
  • Point-and-click configuration of advanced features like HIPS and device control, made possible by continually updated data from SophosLabs

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